Friday, August 31, 2012

Back in Pennsylvania

Well, it's back to Pennsylvania with the photos now.  I had a wonderful holiday in Maine, but like most holidays, it ended far too soon for my liking.  I got to see family, beautiful places, and thrifted in another state.  The thrifting was one of my favourite parts.  I ended up coming home with three gorgeous vintage hats and a vintage bed jacket.  Many other goodies come home with me as well.

I absolutely adore this dress.  It was one of the first vintage pieces I bought and it still holds fast as one of my favourites.  It's just such a cheerful frock to wear with all of it's bright colours.  I also just got the necklace in the post from eBay the morning I took these.  So, it was only right to wear it during the photoshoot.  It's funny how a single accessory can completely change the look of an outfit.


Outfit Details:
vintage dress, vintage bracelet, belt {thrifted}
shoes {target}
necklace {eBay}
ring {gifted}
earrings {avon}
handbag {yard sale, Maine}

These were the first photos I took by myself with the timer on my camera.  I think I did pretty well considering.  It was awkward at first.  And I'm sure it would have been amusing for anyone who would have stumbled upon me...seeing a girl run around in heels and strike a pose.  I know I can't be the only one to have done this.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Travel Diary: Liberty, Maine

If you ever make it to Liberty, I highly recommend going to Liberty Tool.  Have you ever watched an episode of American Pickers?  It's sort of like that.  There is junk everywhere, and you could spend hours there and still not see all there is to see.

I found some great pieces when I was here last month.  An antique Singer sewing machine, antique Singer sewing accessories, an EverHot miniature oven of some sort, old Life magazines, and some old books.  Don't let the name fool you, there is definitely something for everyone there.  Of course, they do have lots of old tools and hardware there.


These photos were taken across the street at another junk shop.  I'm not sure of the name, or if it's affiliated with Liberty Tool.  There wasn't really too much in here that caught my eye.  This place was primarily tools.  But the outside was just magnificent!  All it needed was an old Chevrolet sitting by the gas pumps.

This was my favourite thing that I saw.  It was the most beautiful thing.  I really wish I had $300 dollars to spend on it.  Where I would have put it, I have no idea...but I would have found a place somewhere.

Outfit Details:
top {target}
vintage skirt, belt {thrifted}
wedge shoes {eBay}
cameo bracelet {Mess Of A Dreamer Design}
1920 engagement ring {great-grandmother's}
earrings {claire's}

Are there any junk shops that you regulate whenever you are in a certain area?

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Travel Diary: Belgrade, Maine

Along with the very first outfit photos I took in Maine, this has to be tied for my favourite outfit.  Yes, it's monochromatic.  But it's still got lovely textures and prints that give it flair.

Belgrade is yet another lovely destination in Maine.  We were actually just passing through on our way back to Boothbay from Rumford.  The Great Pond at Belgrade is another area that has sentimental value for my family.  Whilst we were up in Maine, we were sort of doing an ancestral scavenger hunt.  We didn't do much exploring here, but it was so beautiful, we had to stop for a rest...and of course, some photos!

I love the lace cutout on the back of this blouse.  It's such a lovely surprise when my hair moves and there it is.  The skirt is just so pretty, it makes me want to twirl and dance in it.

This was a little rest stop across the street  from the docks.  The water here is part of the Great Pond, and I loved that it was open to the public.  When I dipped my toes in, it was surprisingly lukewarm.  It was fun to splash around and have a laugh; a nice way to break up a long car ride.

Outfit Details:
blouse, vintage skirt, belt {thrifted}
wedge sandals {payless}
pearl earrings, pearl necklace, bracelet {gifted}

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Travel Diary: Popham Beach

Popham Beach in Phippsburg, Maine is such a stunning place to visit.  You should always go when it's low tide, because the water goes out so far that you can walk out onto the sand banks.  There are sand dollars there to hunt, which is fun.  You can also climb the rocks and hills when the water is out.  When the tide starts to make its way back in, it creates these little ponds of water and it's just the neatest experience.

This was what I wore to the beach, minus the jumper.  It was simple, easy to take off, and still pretty.

 Outfit Details:
swimsuit, top, skirt {thrifted}
jumper {target}
sandals {payless}
bracelet {avon, gift}
earrings {claire's}

 Any great beaches that you like to go to during the summer?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Week According to Instagram

So another week has passed by.  It was rather uneventful again for me.  Filled with work and working on outfit photos for the blog on my days off.  This was my weekend off so I got to take photos two days in a row.  It was nice, but it was pretty unproductive besides that.  I'm currently having a wee Doctor Who marathon whilst typing this, in preparation for the new series starting next Saturday.  Of course, I unfortunately work.  But work will be easier, knowing I have the Doctor to come home to.

1. Smudger is always so upset when I have to leave for work; he clings to my shoulder like a child.
2. Property Brothers mood- I had a dream with them in it the night before.
3. Again, Jonathan Scott was occupying my mind with his gorgeous, crooked smile.
4. Then it shifted to Keith Harkin after I bought my tickets to see Celtic Thunder.
5. & 6. Outfit photos from Wednesday.  At last wearing the 'it' colour now that the season is almost over.
7. Vintage dishes for my 1950s kitchen and Coca-Cola glasses.
8. Teaser photo from the new series of Doctor Who.  So excited!!!
9. Mmm...milk and cookies in my 'new' dishes.
10, 11, 12. Outfit photos from Saturday.  Two polka dot dresses in a row.
13. Thomas Howes from Downton Abbey.  Watched the whole first season whilst editing photos.
14, 15, 16. Outfit photos from Sunday (today).  I was afraid the rain was going to deter me.
17. Exterminate!  Dalek watercolour I made awhile ago.

How was your week?  Anything fun or interesting happen?  It's back to the Doctor for me...or rather carrying on with him ;)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Travel Diary: Castle Tucker, Wiscasset

Warning: This post may be a wee bit photo heavy.  Moving on...

The day started with a trip down to Boothbay Harbor town.  This area is definitely the more so touristy area with all of the shops and whatnot, but it's still pretty.  If you couldn't tell by the name, the harbor is right there so it is quite the sight.  Of course after only going into one shop, it started to rain heavily.  Thankfully I came prepared...

We had lunch in one of the many restaurants and waited for the rain to ease up.  We walked about town for a bit more and then made our way back to the boat house.  In doing so, we had to pass through mo ghrá, Wiscasset.

There's another gorgeous building there by the name of Castle Tucker.  The house was built in 1807 and was in need of repair when the Tucker family purchased it in 1858.  They updated it in the Victorian style which was the highest taste.  Because of change in finances at the end of the nineteenth century, the Tucker family had to take boarders in the summer.  Due to limited finances, most of the inside remains the same as it did then.

Mum and I also toured this building when we were in town last year.  It was another stunning property and I loved seeing all of the Victorian accents inside.  One of my favorite pieces had to be the big, beautiful range they had in the kitchen.  I don't know what it is about old ranges, but I am drawn to them.  They are just so lovely.

Outfit Details:
vintage dress, vintage jumper, headscarf, belt {thrifted}
wedge sandals {payless}
cameo bracelet {Mess Of A Dreamer Design}
earrings {claire's}
white sapphire ring {kay jewelers}
1920s engagement ring {great-grandmother's}
umbrella {target}

I don't know what it is about this dress.  It's super simple but I absolutely love it.  The pleating and the pockets in the front are just too sweet.  Adding a regular scarf as a bowed headband just gave the outfit the perfect accent of color.  I'm sad that this season is almost over, that I won't get to wear it again.  Perhaps I can layer it up in the transition into autumn.

We ended up nearly getting chased away by the rain again by the end of the shoot.  They sky was threatening us with it's thunder for the last five minutes or so of photographing.  But thankfully, it held off just long enough for me to have a seat at the darling table set outside.  Wouldn't it be the perfect spot for a cuppa?

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