Friday, May 31, 2013

Black and Blue Do Go Together

These photos were taken right after I cut about 5" or so off my hair.  It's amazing to see how bouncy and springy the curls got with my hair this short.  It actually is past my collar bones when pulled straight but up to my shoulders after the roller set.

I feel like I already need another haircut since these photos were shot.  But I'll hold off a bit because I don't want to make it too short.  I like to hold onto some length.

I remember this day was a very hot, early spring day.  That day is nothing now compared to the heat that's making its way to stay.  I'm nervous about the weather next weekend for the big WWII event.  It almost always rains at least one of the days for a little.  I think I'd rather deal with the heat than the rain though.  At least with some anti-humidity hairspray I could hope my hair would stay nice.  Rain would otherwise just kill it.

I've been eagerly awaiting next weekend all year now, as some of you know.  The past couple of weeks Ive been slowly whittling away my outfit choices and have finally now settled on the three I will wear.  Now I'm just picking out the hats, gloves, handbags, and jewellery that I'll wear.  I think I've got it pretty much all sorted out.

Outfit Details:
vintage dress, vintage hat, belt, handbag {thrifted}
wedges {eBay}
vintage jewellery {Grandma Charlotte}

I've also been playing around with hair and makeup; trying out techniques that venture away from my norm.  I usually do curl sets and vintage inspired makeup, but I really want to be authentic for the event.  So I did some research into the type of makeup and styles.

I got especially nervous when it came to my hair.  I've been fine doing my hot roller sets and finger combing the curls loose.  But the idea of taking a brush to them freaked me out because I know how crazy my hair can get.  I finally bit the bullet one night and brushed out the curls I had put in earlier the day.  After the initial shock, the hair sort of settled down with some finger combing.  Then I put the rollers in again the next day and brushed it out straight after taking them out.  The result got even better.  But then I think I got a little heavy-handed with the hairspray and it ruined the soft Rita Hayworth effect.  So I'm going to try again tomorrow with not quite so much hairspray.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Memories

This past weekend was a long weekend for Memorial Day on Monday.  I stayed rather busy but it was good.  On Saturday I watched my nephew.  We played his Wii a bit (with him mostly beating me, at the age of 6!) and even walked down to his local pizza place for lunch.

On Sunday, after church, a friend took me out shooting for the first time.  I got to shoot a couple rifles and a few handguns as well.  It was really fun and I hope I get to go again sometime.  I especially liked shooting the bigger guns since I was much better at them.

On Memorial Day, my mum and I went out and got some flowers for my garden bed.  We got all sorts of lovelies and spent some time planting them.  Afterwards we headed to her house and my stepdad fired up the grill for a yummy cookout.

In the evening, we sat outside by the fire pit and roasted marshmallows for smores.  That was my favourite part.  I hadn't had a smore in the longest time and it was so tasty.  I cannot wait to make some more.

The temperature is really starting to heat up and I've now had to turn on my window AC unit for the first time today.  I guess summer is starting to make itself known a bit.

Outfit Details:
vintage skirt, vintage hat, top, belt {thrifted}
vintage jewellery {Grandmas Ruth and Charlotte}
wedges {eBay}

All this week it's supposed to be really hot and some days reaching past 90F.  So suffice to say I most likely won't be venturing to take outfit photos.  I don't feel like having melting makeup and 80s hair band fluffy hair from the heat and humidity.  Thankfully, I've got a little backlog of photos to post for when I can't make it out.

What do you do when the weather gets in the way?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Style Crush: Ginger Rogers

In preparation for WWII Weekend coming up June 7-9, the next two Style Crushes will be old Hollywood starlets.

This week is one of my favourite classic actresses, the lovely and amazingly talented triple-threat, Ginger Rogers.

Ginger, to me, can pretty much pull off any look and look flawlessly in them.  In Top Hat, she's a desirable model being pursued, in Stage Door she's a no-nonsense actress, and in Primrose Path she plays a tomboy.

Her wardrobe in films and for photos is just so amazing.  The gowns, the two piece suits, the hats!

I absolutely adore this casual trouser look she's wearing above!  I need to recreate this.  Ginger is sheer perfection here to me.  I have lots of vintage and vintage looking dresses, skirts, and shirts; but I don't have trousers like this!  Thankfully I've got a Butterick pattern with four different high waisted looks that I need to get on making.  And we must talk about that hat with the snood!

I don't know what it is about her in casual looks, but she just looks so amazing in them.  The polka dot halter top and white shorts with tennis shoes is just such a cute summer look!

This green gown is the sweetest confection!  I love the colour to start, since green and purple are my favourite.  Then throw in the lace and ribbon trim and it's just so lovely.

Ginger and her films will always hold a special place in my heart and serve as style inspiration.

And now I will leave you with Bob Thaves' famous quote about Fred Astaire and Ginger: "Sure he was great, but don't forget Ginger Rogers did everything he did backwards...and in high heels!"

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

This week was rather busy for me.  It feels good to sit down and type this out.  Tuesday was the only day that I didn't have something to do.  I haven't been this busy in a while, it's weird.

Speaking of weird, the weather has been all out of whack.  It's turning around today and looking warmer for the rest of the week.  Unfortunately, with that, probably comes the humidity as well.  Humidity is not my friend.  My hair goes crazy and gets super fluffy and out of control.  I have yet to find the right hair products to defeat this nuisance.

1-2. Last Sunday's outfit.
3-4. At the car show in my town.

5-6. In black and white.
7-8. Monday's outfit. I wore a deadstock vintage frock.

9. The only day I got to take outfit photos due to the weather.
10. Ehm...yes.
11. A couple embracing at Penn Station in 1944.
12. Tuesday's hot weather outfit.

13. A good hair day.
14. Shared this blog post via Instagram.
15. I am currently addicted to Being Human (UK version) starring Aidan Turner.
16. Wednesday's hot weather outfit.

17. An updo to help with the heat.
18. Zachary Quinto was this week's Style Crush.
19. Went to a Reading Phillies game with my family.
20. Thursday's hot weather outfit.

21. Another updo.
22. A close up of the unique neckline.
23-24. Gorgeous vintage hats from my lovely neighbour.

25. Even more!
26-27. And a vintage Dior!
28. Colgate Shaving Stick can and antique tin.

29. A calendar from 1947.
30. An old thermos, mirror, and coasters.
31. An old letter holder and bookend.
32. A girl's teen magazine from 1944.

33. Less than two weeks until WWII Weekend!
34. I had a very geeky dream about Captain Kirk, Thor, Loki, and the Doctor.
35. Mickey was in the new Star Trek!
36. I Love Lucy themed outfit post.

37. Yesterday's very blue outfit.
38. I got to wear one of the hats my neighbor gave me.
39. A sweet couple in Central Park in the 40s.

Tomorrow, since it's a holiday, my mum and I are going to get some flowers for my wee garden and make it look pretty.  I hope you all had a wonderful (long, if you're in the US) weekend!