Monday, August 13, 2012

Summertime, And the Living Is Easy

Summer is a wonderful time.  It just gives you a renewing sort of feeling-like Spring.  Summer has the beauty of Spring, but without the unpredictable rainy weather.  Then cue the humidity...  I am one of those people who enjoy the beginnings of each season.  I get excited for the change of weather and the opportunity to wear different types of clothing.  Enter the downfall for each season then: rain, humidity, snow.  I like them at first but then I'm just eager for the next season to begin.


When my mum told me she had my grandmother's bathing suit from the 1940s up in her attic, I begged her to take me up.  We endured the sauna that was the attic, and we found the swimsuit!  I was absolutely excited.  It even appears the be handmade, with boning throughout the front, bloomers underneath, and all.  The elastic is shot, and I wouldn't dream of actually wearing it to swim in.  But it's still such a lovely piece to have in my collection.  It's even more special since it was my grandmother's and probably made by either her or her mother. 

Outfit Details:
vintage swimsuit {belonged to my grandmother}
wedge sandals {payless}
vintage sunglasses, vintage jewelry {thrifted}

Right now it's currently hanging in my bedroom on a beautiful wooden hanger that has an attachment to hold the shorts.  Even though I can't wear it, I can still enjoying seeing it every day.  Do you have any items that have been handed down to you that you just adore?

Want to see what photos didn't make the cut?  Head over to Facebook to see the outtakes.

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