Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

Happy Easter one and all!  I hope you are having a wonderful time celebrating this very special day.  I will be attending church, as usual, with my mum.  Afterwards my brother, his wife, and son will come over for Easter dinner at my mum's house.  I'm glad we are able to spend time together.

Hopefully by tonight, I can continue to remain spoiler-free in regards to The Walking Dead after last week's fiasco.  There's nothing worse than spoilers.

In more cheerful news, Bomb Girls and Doctor Who is back!!!  Plus Mad Men in one week!  Hopefully these shows will fill the hole that The Walking Dead will leave.  But sadness aside, can we just take a moment and talk about how amazing the return of Bomb Girls and Doctor Who was?  I almost forgot how much I enjoyed those programs until they came back on.  Oh Doctor...

1. Last week's Instagram post.
2. Made stuffed shells for dinner last Sunday.
3. Smudger playing hide and go seek.
4. It's not easy taking a photo of the back of your legs.

5. Angry words with just cause.
6. How great is this?
7-8. Shared this post on Instagram.

9. Emma Pillsbury has some good pamphlets.
10. Baby Willow didn't want her hair to get tousled in the wind.
11. Gingers.
12. One of my favourite Doctor Who quotes.

13. Mad Men marathon. I'm all caught up for next week!
14. Gorgeous pink vintage hat.
15. Bomb Girls is back on!
16. Emma Pillsbury was this week's Style Crush.

17. My grandma Ruth in front of the beach house her dad built, 1940s.
18. Sweet glove clip that attaches to your handbag, belonged to my grandma Charlotte.
19. Throwback to last April. Was going to see Titanic for its 100th anniversary.
20. Oh, silly Smudger!

21-22. Mad Men influenced.  Hello 60s!
23. Friday's accessories. The sunnies belonged to my grandma Charlotte.
24. Took photos for a future blog post.

25. I love the Peter Pan collar on this dress.
26. Shared this post on Instagram.
27-28. Yesterday's outfit. Rosie the Riveter inspired for taking my nephew to an egg hunt.

 29. This car was at the one egg hunt and I couldn't resist even though it's the wrong era.
30. Pastel polka dots for Easter!
31-32. He's back!!!

It's slowly starting to warm up again.  This weekend's weather has been nice, in the 50s, though they are calling for rain this afternoon.  I know I've said this before, but I can't wait for the warmth to come and stay.  Friday I got to wear my pretty blue 1960s frock.  I had to go in that direction after watching a season and a half of Mad Men.  But I'm ready and rearing to go for next week's premiere.  

Yesterday Mum and I helped out at our church's Easter egg hunt.  My nephew came along and then we took him to another egg hunt.  The lucky lad!  I wish they had egg hunts for adults.  I miss the rush and thrill of trying to grab those eggs.  Plus some free candy is always nice.  Though they did hand out chocolate bunnies to both adults and children at the second egg hunt.  Yum.

What are your Easter plans?  I hope you have a happy and joyous day no matter what it is!  Happy Easter!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Librarian Chic

I felt very much like I robbed Emma Pillsbury's wardrobe in this outfit.  Which is very fitting since Glee's guidance counselor was just featured in this week's Style Crush.  The funny thing is, I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago when we had that warm weekend before I even thought of Emma as a Style Crush.  Then I picked her and this outfit just so happened to be the next one to post.  How serendipitous!

You may be thinking that this looks like a new location.  Well, it is!  My usual backdrop was otherwise occupied, so I went to Middlecreek Wildlife Reserve to take photos.  This was also the first day I got to break out the Nikon my dad gave to me for my birthday.

I must say, it was much more awkward taking photos here of myself than at any other location I've experienced thus far.  Middlecreek is a place where you can view the local wildlife, go hiking, take dogs walking, or ride your horse.  So there I pull up all dressed up in heels with a camera and tripod whilst everyone else is in active gear.

Thankfully I found a little hiking path and hobbled my way around.  They have wooden planks laid on the trail so when it's rained the trail doesn't get horribly muddy.  It definitely helped me out.  I did end up being passed by a couple different families whilst taking photos.  I just sort of smiled at them and then avoided eye contact.

A gorgeous gathering of swans.  There were loads of people lined up along the road taking photos of these lovely creatures.  I'm not really a bird person, but they did look beautiful.

 Outfit Details:
vintage blouse, vintage skirt, belt {thrifted}
vintage handbag {gift}
wedge sandals {payless}

I probably won't take photos here again unless necessary or I have someone taking them for me.  It was nice and beautiful but far too crowded and farther away than Conrad Weiser Homestead.  I missed the beautiful stone structures and my usual spots.  Though a little change never hurt anyone.  I'd like a little more variety in backdrops but I don't want to have to drive all over.  So, for now, I'll stick with ol' faithful.

Want to see what photos didn't make it onto the blog?  Head over to Facebook for a peek!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Style Crush: Emma Pillsbury

This week's Style Crush is featuring everyone's favourite OCD ginger, Emma Pillsbury from Glee!  Glee is a fantastic show in it's own right, but there is a certain added pleasure waiting every week to see what sort of beautiful clothes Emma is going to wear.

Even though Emma's clothing is mostly modern (and very expensive!) they all have that nod to vintage in them.  They are ultra-feminine and always have a girly, classy touch to them.  She is often seen in ruffles, blouses with bows, and of course cardigans with gorgeous sweater clips.

The guidance counselor is also seen very often with all sorts of different brooches.  She's got a very sort of librarian look to her that I just adore.  Emma will match a bright bracelet and belt for a pop of colour against a monochromatic look.  How sweet is that nightgown from the "Like a Virgin" scene on Glee?

I love the way the sweater clip acts like a necklace against the gorgeous bib front blouse above.  And I am desperately envious of the top below!  The beaded bow detail is to die for!

I am in love with the look below.  The sweet bow of the printed blouse looks wonderful with the coral pencil skirt.  And look how the skirt has a bow on the front as well!

This look above is another of my favourite looks for Emma.  It shows hardly any skin, yet it's a sexy look.  The delicate collar popping out from the top of the sweater is so darling.  The belt and matching bracelet add a nice contrast to the otherwise very neutral outfit.

Emma must have an incredible wardrobe full of clothing!  She is able to match everything in such a lovely way.  Emma also has such beautiful blouses with such amazing collars!  I love the peter pan one below.

Even though I don't think I could handle Emma's OCD overdrive, I would still love to take a peek into her closet.  Rachel Berry does wear some nice things, but out of anyone on the show, I would most love to have Emma Pillsbury's.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bond Girl Blues

I was inspired to create this outfit after watching Skyfall with my dad and brother.  It got me in a very Bond sort of mood.  It made me remember that I own the Algerian Love Knot necklace that Vesper Lynd (played by Eva Green) wore in Casino Royale.

I wasn't originally even going to take photos today but when I stepped outside to run a few errands it was too beautiful to resist.  I quickly got changed out of my lazy clothes and threw on some that would work well with the Bond Girl necklace.  I know this isn't exactly skimpy enough to be a proper Bond Girl.  But this is my take on a throwback glamorous, classy one.

How stirring was last night's episode of The Walking Dead?!  The end nearly broke my heart...even though I knew who was going to die thanks to some jerk posting photos on Instagram several days before the episode even aired.  I've already ranted some, but I'm going to rant a bit more.  I don't care if you post photos after the episode has already aired, that's fair game then if someone hasn't seen it.  But to post a photo of a character death in the middle of the week is just mean.  Call me River Song, but I don't want spoilers.

I don't know if anyone else has Comcast for their cable, but I am super excited for this week.  It's Watchathon Week, which means there are all sorts of shows that have multiple seasons On Demand for free to watch.  Some of them are on regular channels like Doctor Who and Mad Men.  But I'm so glad Mad Men season 5 is up so I can hopefully finish it and be ready for season 6 when it starts next month.  I'm tired of being so behind on it.

Also exciting is that they have shows that are on paid channels like True Blood and Spartacus.  I'm all caught up on True Blood but it's still nice to have to option of watching it on my telly rather than on my iPad like I usually do since I don't have HBO.  I will be trying to watch some of Starz's Spartacus because Liam McIntyre is one fine looking Australian.  Plus, you know, I've heard good things about it...

 Outfit Details:
vintage dress, bolero, shoes, belt {thrifted}
tights {target}
casino royale bond girl love knot necklace {eBay}
sunglasses {boutique in Maine}

It's snowing again here.  A far cry from the sunshine from when I took these photos a few weeks ago.  These are also the last photos taken with my mum's camera.  All the ones from now on will be with my new (to me) Nikon that I got as a birthday gift from my dad.

Is anyone else gearing up for the return of any shows or has gotten spoiled about something?