Thursday, August 23, 2012

Travel Diary: Wiscasset, Maine

Wiscasset is one of my favorite places in Maine.  It's got gorgeous old buildings everywhere, cute shops, and the best handmade ice cream made by Lear's.  These photos were taken at the Nickels-Sortwell House, built in 1807 by Captain William Nickels who was a ship owner and trader.  During financial hardship in 1807, thanks to Jefferson's Embargo, the town of Wiscasset went into an economic decline.  The house was sold in 1814 and was used as a hotel for many years.  Eventually in 1899, the house was bought by Alvin Sortwell.  The family restored the house over many years and now it's open to tours.

Last year my mum and I did the tour inside of it.  It was really fun to see all of the beautiful architecture insides and the amazing furniture.  It was also neat to hear the history about the house.  We didn't do any historical tours this visit.  But it was too stunning to not use it as a backdrop for a photoshoot.  I love old buildings and Maine is a hotbed for them.  I don't think there was a town we drove through where I didn't fall absolutely in love with at least one home.

This is the sunken garden located across the street from the Nickels-Sortwell House.  The garden is located where the Hilton House was, but it burned down in 1903.  The Sortwell family purchased the lot.  What used to be the cellar was then turned into a sunken garden.  It is now open to public use.  It's quite fun to explore.  Because of it being lower, it's almost as if you were in a secret garden...well, except the traffic coming from Main Street.

This last image was taken at a building that was once called The Ledges: Black Hawk Tavern.  It was once a restaurant, but now it's up for sale.  I have been lusting after this building since I first saw it last year.  The poor beauty needs some TLC.  It's still a stunning property regardless.

  Outfit Details:
top, skirt, belt, handbag {thrifted}
wedge sandals {payless}
euro coin bracelet {handmade for Mess Of A Dreamer Design}
necklace {handmade}
earrings {Claire's}

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