Friday, August 31, 2012

Back in Pennsylvania

Well, it's back to Pennsylvania with the photos now.  I had a wonderful holiday in Maine, but like most holidays, it ended far too soon for my liking.  I got to see family, beautiful places, and thrifted in another state.  The thrifting was one of my favourite parts.  I ended up coming home with three gorgeous vintage hats and a vintage bed jacket.  Many other goodies come home with me as well.

I absolutely adore this dress.  It was one of the first vintage pieces I bought and it still holds fast as one of my favourites.  It's just such a cheerful frock to wear with all of it's bright colours.  I also just got the necklace in the post from eBay the morning I took these.  So, it was only right to wear it during the photoshoot.  It's funny how a single accessory can completely change the look of an outfit.


Outfit Details:
vintage dress, vintage bracelet, belt {thrifted}
shoes {target}
necklace {eBay}
ring {gifted}
earrings {avon}
handbag {yard sale, Maine}

These were the first photos I took by myself with the timer on my camera.  I think I did pretty well considering.  It was awkward at first.  And I'm sure it would have been amusing for anyone who would have stumbled upon me...seeing a girl run around in heels and strike a pose.  I know I can't be the only one to have done this.

Want to see what photos didn't make the cut?  Head over to Facebook to see the extras.

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