Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Week According to Instagram

This was a pretty good week for me.  I finally had a chance to wear my 1940s dress I got on eBay.  I've been lusting after it in my closet for months, but wanted somewhere special to wear it.  Since I'm single and didn't feel like waiting to wear it on a date, I wore it for a photoshoot at the beautiful Grings Mill.

I'm working for five days over the weekend (Friday through Tuesday), so it will be rather uneventful for me.  I don't dress up when I work so I usually just do some stuff in my flat during my free time.  Right now there's chaos in my library ever since I got my 1940s bedroom set.  I got rid of my entertainment center in my bedroom, which had a lot of storage, so now I have all of the items that were in there in my library.  Even though the mess is out of sight, it still drives me mad knowing it's there.  So I've been working on that this weekend.

 1. Vintage Patterns 
2. 1940s vintage dress from eBay- I'm in love with it
3. Milk House and gas pump at Grings Mill 
4. 1947 gas pump
5. Inside the old covered bridge at Grings Mill
6. Lovely quote on a journal cover
7. Hot tea in my Anne Taintor mug
8. Iced coffee in my Keep Calm Carry On over-sized mug
9. In an Irish mood

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