Monday, August 27, 2012

Travel Diary: Popham Beach

Popham Beach in Phippsburg, Maine is such a stunning place to visit.  You should always go when it's low tide, because the water goes out so far that you can walk out onto the sand banks.  There are sand dollars there to hunt, which is fun.  You can also climb the rocks and hills when the water is out.  When the tide starts to make its way back in, it creates these little ponds of water and it's just the neatest experience.

This was what I wore to the beach, minus the jumper.  It was simple, easy to take off, and still pretty.

 Outfit Details:
swimsuit, top, skirt {thrifted}
jumper {target}
sandals {payless}
bracelet {avon, gift}
earrings {claire's}

 Any great beaches that you like to go to during the summer?

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