Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Style Crush: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Here is this week's style crush, and first man that made it in this feature: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  This man is one of my favourites.  He is the perfect combination of adorable and sexy.  And his style is flawless.  Joe can wear a suit like nobody's business.  He makes it an art form.  His suits never fail to be tailored flawlessly.  I'd like to think that he ups the ante for men out there, showing you can still dress well.  It doesn't hurt that he has a certain vintage flavour to his style, which I adore.  Don't you think we'd look good together...?

I've had a crush on Joe ever since he was on 3rd Rock From the Sun.  He had his really long hair back then.  Looking back at it, I'm glad his hair is shorter now.  Really though, he can pull off several different hairstyles.  I especially love the shaggy look he had in (500) Days of Summer or his most common style, how he had it in Inception and whatnot.  I loved his character in (500) Days, just so sweet and adorable.  I would love to find a man like that.

This man is so adorable I can't stand it!  Look at that face above!  I just want to cuddle him.  I know a lot of these photos are from photo shoots where they style him.  But he also looks good on his own.  See below as proof.  He's just in a simple button-down, trousers, and a pair of Chucks and he looks so handsome.

It gives me reason to believe, that even though he is always seen in this dapper 1960s style look, that it must be somewhat his own personal taste since he chooses to dress this way to premieres and awards shows.  He could very well have a stylist pull things for him, as many celebrities do, but they still have a say in what they wear.  I adore this three-piece suit above.  I do have a certain weakness for waistcoats that I won't pretend to hide.  And the tailoring on his suits is flawless and so attractive.

Just look at the way this suit below fits him!  Gosh he looks so handsome.  It's enough to make a girl swoon...and that's even without him showing those dimples!  Plus I also adore his choice in eyewear.  The vintage style frames just compliment his style perfectly.

So here it is, my first male Style Crush...and crush in general.  Golly gee, Joe sure is an all around dream guy for me.  He's sweet, handsome, adorable, impeccable fashion sense, not to mention how talented he is as an actor, singer, and dance.  Hello Oscars!  Has anyone see him do "Make 'Em Laugh" on Saturday Night Live?  Such an incredible performance.  I tried finding the video on YouTube to share with you, but could not find it.  So if you get the opportunity to see him when he hosted SNL, watch it.

What do you think of my choice as first male on Style Crush?  Do you like a man who can wear a suit really well?  Or do you prefer your men in a more laid back style?

Did you know...?  Joe and I share the same birthday, 17 February.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Itching for Spring

So what did everyone think of the Oscars?  Or if you were like me, Sunday's The Walking Dead?  Hello, Team Daryl.  I can't believe it's been a couple weeks since posting an outfit photo!  What's gotten into me?  Well, the good thing is, that my backlog will hopefully last until the weather warms up enough to take outfit photos again.  I could just take them but I'd like to show more than just my jacket.  It's been far too cold (and especially windy) to take photos sans coat.

Yesterday was a really beautiful day.  It was the first sign that Spring is on its way.  It was still a bit cool obviously because it's still February.  But the sun was shining and the temperature was in the high 40s.  When it's lovely out it just puts me in a good mood.  Especially after it being cold for so long.

This green ring with matching necklace belonged to my paternal grandmother.  I adore all the jewelry that was passed down to me.  The neat thing about the pendant is that it can also be worn as a brooch.  I love the way the sun hit the two photos below!

I am getting so excited for sandals and summer dresses!  I've acquired some pieces through the cold months that I've just been itching to get a chance to wear.  There are several dresses that are sleeveless.  Two are floor-length, one with a lace neckline!  I have also gotten some peep-toe shoes that I want to wear, and my sandal wedges want to come out and play again.

 Outfit Details:
vintage skirt, camisole, cardigan, belt {thrifted}
vintage jewelry {paternal grandmother}
tights {target}
shoes {Baker's, gift}

Here's hoping within the next few weeks I'll be able to test out my new camera and tripod!  Goodbye precariously balanced stool and typewriter lid!  Now all I need to get is a remote and taking selfies will be a breeze.

Want to see what photos didn't make the blog?  Head over to Facebook for the rest.

Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Academy Awards

EDIT: Somehow I forgot Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence from the list.  I accidentally saved their photos to the SAGs folder.  I have now remedied the problem and you will find those two ladies added.

So here is my Oscars post!  Sorry it's not sooner, but well, I chose The Walking Dead over this to watch last night.  I know, I know, but Daryl!  I couldn't not watch it.  So today I caught up and it was worth the wait.  Both the fashion and the entertainment didn't fail to impress, me at least.

 I know some people didn't like the "nipple effect" Anne Hathaway's Prada dress gave her, but I thought she still looked beautiful.  This girl can do no wrong in my eyes.  She has gracefully grown from Disney Princess to Hollywood starlet.  Her humbleness touches me and she will always be a top contender for me.

  Ben Affleck looked very handsome in his Gucci three piece tuxedo.  I loved the waistcoat, and I will always be on Team Scruff.  His best accessory though was his gorgeous wife and she, him.  Ben and Jen are most definitely tied as my favourite Hollywood couple.

 Catherine Zeta-Jones rocked the old Hollywood look on the red carpet in Zuhair Murad and gave a great performance of "All That Jazz" on the stage.
Charlize Theron wowed in a white peplum Dior Couture dress.  Even though she had to cut her hair for a role, she still looked like such a movie star.  This gown is perfect for her lean figure because the peplum gives her the appearance curves.

 Oh, Eddie Redmayne.  What's not to like?  He's tall, British, green eyes, freckles, and a voice to make a girl swoon.  He certainly did not fail to impress in his Alexander McQueen tuxedo.  Also, his performance with his Les Miserables co-stars was just so incredible and moving.  It gave me chills.

 E! News host Giuliana Rancic looked beautiful in Couture Rafael Cennamo.  I love the way the fabric folds around her body to give her a hourglass figure.

The always handsome Hugh Jackman continued to charm in his Tom Ford tuxedo.  This man can never look bad.  His performance with his Les Miserables co-stars was phenomenal.  And how sweet was he when he rushed to help Jennifer Lawrence up after her now infamous fall?  Such a gentleman.

 Dior spokeswoman, Jennifer Lawrence made an impact in a Dior Haute Couture gown.  I still am undecided on this girl, but she definitely looked beautiful in this dress.  I loved how the backwards necklace really emphasized the gorgeous cut of the back.

 One of my favourite stylish men Joseph Gordon-Levitt did not fail me Sunday night.  He looked very charming in a Gucci tuxedo and his trademark hitRECord red pin.  This man has a certain old Hollywood vibe to him, which is rare for the men of this day and age.  Joe certainly pulls it off perfectly.  And how adorable was he during the opening?  I love to hear him sing and watch him dance.

The second component to one of my favourite couples, Jennifer Garner looked pretty in a plum Gucci gown.  Her art deco-esque necklace was to die for!  She always looks so effortlessly beautiful.

Miu Miu clad Kerry Washington looked glamorous last night.  I love how she kept her jewelry to a minimum to really play up the embellishment of the bodice.  I would liked to have seen her hair a little different.  Perhaps a little more volume or even a messy updo.

Phwoar!  Naomi Watts killed it in Armani Prive.  She is one of my absolute favourites to watch on the red carpet because she looks beautiful in everything.  She is a complete knockout and I wouldn't change a thing about this look.  She makes up one part of my other favourite Hollywood couple.

 Besides being incredibly funny and having a very sexy voice, Seth MacFarlane looked very dashing in his tuxedo.

Here is Liev Schreiber looking devastatingly debonair beside his lovely partner.  These two are just perfection.  I love how down to Earth they seem.  They're like Barbie and Ken.  Liev never fails to look like the perfect accessory to his missus' red carpet looks.  Plus, hello Team Scruff! 

Zoe Saldana, in Alexis Mabille, wowed on the red carpet.  I adore the shades of grey on the bottom, the belt, just all of it!  The by far, my favourite part is from the waist down.

Another of the awards season's ones to watch, Amanda Seyfried looked angelic in Alexander McQueen.  She wore a similar look the last time, but I think this one is better.  Plus she wore her hair up to really show off the neat neckline.

Amy Adams, one of my favourite actresses looked effortless and chic in Oscar de la Renta.  I love her hair up like that and the fact that she kept her jewelry simple.  That bracelet is so pretty!

Mmm...Chris Pine.  Chris looked gorgeous in a double-breasted Ermenegildo Zegna tuxedo.  That man has the prettiest blue eyes and ehm...Team Scruff!  Yum.  I cannot wait for the next Star Trek.

Flawless.  Flawless.  Flawless.  Jessica Chastain looked like Jessica Rabbit in Armani Prive.  This could have gone wrong with the flesh colour of her dress washing her out, but it didn't at all.  The classic red lip tied it all together.  This woman is so stunning.

I'm not really a big fan of Kristen Stewart or her red carpet looks, but even I must admit that she good in her Reem Acra frock.  She was even able to ditch the crutches for some photos.  I just wish she would have done something with her hair.  I'm so tired of seeing like she was in a wind tunnel.

Nicole Kidman has been hit or miss lately, but I thought she looked quite pretty in L'Wren Scott.  I know there's been a lot of backlash about her hair, at least on E!, but I don't think it's that's bad.  At least it's not that stick straight look she always wears.

Wowza!  I adore Olivia Munn in this red and gold Marchesa gown.  I heard that she had to get sewn into the dress because the zipper wouldn't stay up.  Oh, what we do for fashion.  It was definitely worth it.

Salma Hayek switched things up in Alexander McQueen.  Instead of showing off her lovely decolletage, she showed off this gorgeous gold collar that forms the sweetheart neckline.  This reminds me of something that Michelle Dockery would wear.  I'm glad she wore her hair up, but I just wish it would be different.  It sort of reminds me of a shih-tzu...

 Oh, Reese...  Witherspoon looked so beautiful in her cobalt blue and black Louis Vuitton frock.  I am having some serious hair envy here!  Check out those waves and that volume!  I'm usually more of a sweetheart neckline girl, but I love the black panel across the top and on the sides, giving the illusion that she's even tinier than she is.

Sandra Bullock looked dazzling in this bejeweled Elie Saab gown.  I loved the gorgeous diamond hair clip that held the left side back, I just wish her hair would have had a little texture to it.  But then again, I am more of a waves/curls kind of girl.  I just feel like the straight hair is a little bit too much of an every day look.  Though the clip definitely helped offset that.

All of these ladies looked absolutely lovely, but here are my top five favourites.

Jessica Chastain
Naomi Watts
Amy Adams
Reese Witherspoon
Olivia Munn

Who were your favourite looks from the Oscars?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

Thank you to all my lovely friends on Instagram for the sweetest birthday wishes!  I truly had a wonderful day.  I got some lovely gifts including a huge amount of vintage cookbooks, vintage scarves, a new (to me, but major step up from what I currently use) camera, and a trip, among other great presents.  I finally saw Warm Bodies after much waiting and anticipation.  It lived up to my expectations and was equally as good as the novel.

I should hopefully get some actual outfit posts up coming into this new week.  It just seems to be when it rains, it pours, as the old saying goes.  On top of the things and stuff (couldn't help myself, fellow TWD fans will know what I mean) I'm currently dealing with, now my car is acting up even more so than normal.  The check engine light has been on since last inspection, then out of nowhere the airbag light came on.

Now, this week my battery is giving me issues.  It has been very cold here lately and there were some days where it just sat with no use and it wouldn't start.  I got it jumped by a neighbour who noticed the battery had some corrosion on it.  I get in to go to the library yesterday to pick up a Norman Reedus film they have on hold and of course it wouldn't start again.  So my step-dad came over, cleaned the corrosion off the battery, and gave me another jump.  Let's hope the cleaning did the trick and I won't have ay more problems because God knows I can't afford to get a new battery right now.

1. A vintage birthday image.
2. My 2nd birthday.
3-4. What I wore on my birthday last Sunday.

5. Vintage emerald and diamond ring + Warm Bodies= happy birthday girl.
6.  Red velvet with cream cheese icing birthday cake.
7. Thank you all!
8. Oh, yes.

9. Smudger playing Pretty Pretty Princess with the girls.
10. Oh, Daryl...
11. This was me after he returned to Team Prison.
12. Goofing off with vintage glasses at a vintage store.

13. Pretty new lippy my dad bought me as a gift.
14. Finally reading the Walking Dead.  I've read the first 9 issues or so already, but here we go again.
15. Fixing y hair in the mirror of a WWII Jeep.
16. Gorgeous Home Comfort ranges from the late 1800s.

17. 1930, 1932, and 1933 model Home Comfort ranges.
18. Norman Reedus was on Friday's E!News.  Lovely surprise!
19. Glamour shot and close up.
20. Good hair Saturday plus my pretty lippy.

 21. Wishing for Spring. My trip to Castle Tucker in Wiscasset, Maine last year.
22. WWII Weekend, 2011. Apparently the soldiers thought I'd look good with a gun. Thus flocked lots of people with their cameras.

As if you won't be able to tell from above, I am really feeling the return of The Walking Dead.  The episodes have been soooo good thus far and I am quite pumped for tonight's new episode.  The Oscars?  Oh yeah...  Well I suppose I shall record the Oscars and watch The Walking Dead live.  What's a girl to do?  I can't willingly not watch Daryl Dixon when he's on.  It's no wonder I had a walker nightmare Friday night.  Most of you wouldn't think too much on that, but I have a very good imagination.  I seem to have the most realistic, horrifying zombie nightmares.  Does that stop me from reading the comic, fanfiction, or watching the programme?  Of course not.  But I'm not exaggerating when it's comes to how scary the dreams can be.  I usually wake up in a sweat and have trouble falling asleep again.

Are there any things that cause you nightmares, but you can't separate yourself from it?