Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Week According to Instagram

I've only recently got into Instagram.  I've heard about it from various sources.  But only about a month ago did I finally succumb to downloading the app...I've been addicted ever since.  I absolutely love the ease of it, and all of the different filters are quite swell.  The one that I've mainly used is Earlybird.  I really like the faded vintage feel it gives to the photos.  So like many blogs are doing, I'm jumping on the bandwagon.  And here is my week via Instagram.

Being domestic and ironing some vintage curtains I got.

What's there not to like about Property Brothers?
1950s cookbook, Coca-Cola crate, and bottles that I got in Maine.
Tuesday's outfit.  I felt like a 1940s working girl.
Taking Smudger for his second walk of the day on Tuesday.
Pink vintage rose pillows I made.
I can't stop eating this.  I end up eating it two times a day most days.  Once for breakfast and once before bed.
Vintage Singer sewing machine and accessories that I got in Maine.
Saturday's outfit.  I'm guessing 1960s.  It made me feel like Ann Margaret.
My mum's beloved Golden Retriever, Harley.  He truly is a gentle giant.
My mum's other dog- a Black Lab called Tucker.  He is quite the clown.
My sweet kitty, Midnight.  She lives at my mum's house since she is too old to uproot.
Midnight and Tucker bonding on the animal couch at my mum's.
Cuddling with Smudger on the couch last night whilst watching Property Brothers.
Today's outfit.  1950's A-line shell print dress.

I hope you enjoyed the little peak into my week!  I'm truly loving Instagram.  It's so much fun and the photos always have such a neat look to them.  Want to follow me on Instagram?  My username is _vintage_vixen_

Or you can view all of my Instagram photos here.

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