Friday, August 10, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Back a couple of months ago, when I knew I wanted to start this blog, I started taking photographs of my outfits.  It was a good idea because I only get to dress up on my days off.  When I'm working, I'm wearing scrubs--and no one wants to see photos of that.  The only problem is, now I have all of these photos that I'm dying to share straight away.  I am especially excited to share my photos from when I was on holiday in Maine last month.  The scenery is absolutely stunning.  But I'm going to behave, and post them in the order that I took them.

These photos were taken last month in my mum's garden.  It's a great location for me because of the beautiful landscaping she did.  It also helps the neighbor has equally lovely landscaping for photos when I'm standing near the fence. 

Outfit Details:
vintage dress & belt {thrifted}
wedge sandals {payless}
vintage jewelry {left to me by my grandmother}

I love this dress!  It's utterly feminine from it's blush pink color to the bows on the shoulders.  It even has a bit of a peplum going on at the hips and buttons all the way down the front.  When I was wearing this dress, it totally transformed me.  It made me feel ultra girly and the fit made me do a little wiggle when I walked.

Want to see what photos didn't make the cut?  Check out the outtakes on Facebook.

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