Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Travel Diary: East Boothbay, Maine

At last!  It's finally time for my photos from Maine.  We stayed at the most beautiful boat house in East Boothbay.  The first photo was taken at said boat house-you can see it in the background.  We had such a gorgeous view of the harbor and to the right, the ocean.  It was so peaceful to lay in bed each night and fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing.

These photos were taken at the private beach right down the road from where we were staying.  It was literally only a few minutes walk.  It was lovely to go down there and pick sea glass and watching and listen to the waves crashing.

Outfit Details:
blouse, vintage skirt, vintage jumper, belt {thrifted}
wedge shoes {eBay}
bracelet {made by me for Mess Of A Dreamer Design}
ring {my great-grandmother's engagement ring from 1920}
earrings {Claire's}
sunnies {boutique in Boothbay Harbor, ME}

I can't wait to share more of my photos from Maine with you all...  I always wanted to say, I see I've been getting a fair amount of page views, but no comments.  Please feel free to leave feedback- but don't crush my vulnerable ego!  Constructive criticism is welcome, and so is positive feedback! 

Want to see what photos didn't make the cut?  Head on over to Facebook to view the extras.

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