Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Week According to Instagram

Nothing too exciting happened the first several days of the week.  I worked Monday through Thursday so those days didn't consist of much.  Friday I had off and spent a lovely day with my mum.

We spent the day thrifting at a few different shops.  I didn't get my usual load of bounty, but I did get a few nice pieces.  The most exciting thing is a stunning vintage 1940s coat that my mum got me for Christmas.  She wasn't going to show me at first, but she wanted to make sure it fit.  I can't wait to get it!  It's so lovely!

We had lunch at the little diner in my town that we also wanted to check out.  They had the cutest Victorian era reproduction Coca-Cola signs hanging around.  The food was so delicious too.

We ended up having to go grocery shopping then.  Crazy!  I really had to go no matter what, but it was still crazy.  We are supposed to be getting a really bad storm here in the next few days so people were going into survivor mode.  I've heard insane reports about how generators are sold out everywhere and Walmart no longer has any water!  I guess they're expecting it to be really bad.  It's rather scary...  Hopefully it won't be quite as bad as they are saying it to be.

1-4. Baking pumpkin shaped spritz cookies with my vintage mixer.

5. Romance in bloom.
6. Lady Mary Crawley.
7-8. Old WWI advertisements.

9. Old newspaper article about WWI ending.
10. Incredible Downton Abbey companion book.
11. Sharing  this post with my Instagram followers.
12. Gorgeous foliage on the way to work.

13. Sharing this post with my Instagram followers.
14. My mum's new dog, Gracie.
15. Taking my mum's pups for a walk.
16. Freshly curled hair.

17. Freshly done vintage mani.
18. Vintage jewelry box.
19. My mum's 1960s dress from middle school.
20. Oxfords and leaves.

 21. Taking outfit photos in the park.
22. The most beautiful shoes I've ever seen...that were too small.
23. Lunch at the Railroad Diner with mum.
24. Ethel and Bobby Kennedy.

25. A cute wee bug on my mums.
26. Last Sunday's thrifting outfit.
27. Hello, Hook!  Another reason to love Once Upon a Time.

I'm excited to have off tomorrow.  It's going to be horrible out, so it's the perfect day to lay on the couch and try to finish watching my list of Halloween movies with a cup of hot mint chocolate.  Hopefully the power stays on so I can achieve that.  And also hopefully it won't be so terrible tonight at work that they make me stay the night.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Favourite Halloween-time Films

It's that time of year everybody!  Spooks and spells and scares.  So, in preparation for Halloween next Wednesday, I have accumulated my list of favourite films to watch this time of year.  It pretty much goes for all of these that I could watch them any month.  But they each mean something to make it to my personal top 15.  Some of them are scary, some are silly, but I enjoy them all.  So here they are, in alphabetical order:

The Addams Family
They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky.  They're all together ooky...  This is such a classic campy film.  It's not particularly a scary film, unless you're an impressionable young child.  I just love that they are all their own unique characters and it's just a fun film to watch.

For the longest time when I was younger, my mum refused to let me watch this film.  It is a bit unnerving, but hey, that's Tim Burton for you.  This is another of the campier films on my list.  One of my favourite scenes is the seance where Beetlejuice sort of possess everyone, making them sing and dance.

Dawn of the Dead (1978)
George Romero (and Tom Savini for the make-up world) is rather like a god in the horror world.  This was one of the first zombie films I saw.  This is such a classic for me.  Every time I go to a mall, it makes me think of this.  I also enjoy the new Dawn of the Dead, for the most part.  I just can't get past running zombies.

Drag Me to Hell
This is one of the few newer films that has actually gave me the creeps.  Not too many horror films scare me much anymore.  Nowadays, it's more so about the gore and shock factor (hello, Saw).  The ending was predictable for me, but I still loved this nonetheless.

The Evil Dead
Okay, okay, another campy film.  I know!  But this is such a cult classic!  I love the whole series, so I'm going to be naughty and count three films as one.  I love all the ridiculousness of these and I can't wait to see what they do with the remake.  Hopefully it will keep to the same sense since Sam Raimi.

 Ginger Snaps
I was first introduced to this movie around Halloween when I was still in high school.  I was watching Night of the Living Dead (1968) and this came on afterwards.  The opening is such a gross way to start a film and I love it.

Another classic horror film.  I really enjoyed Rob Zombie's remake, but for the list I'm going with the original.  From the eerie music to the unnerving way Michael Myers just walks slowly after his prey, this is a great suspense choice.

So here is my more child-friendly choice of movies.  Again for this, I enjoyed the whole series (though I hate when they change the main character in one of the sequels, even though I like the new actress).  This is a cute film to watch with the whole family.  Who says Halloween has to be completely about scares?

Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus is another film that my mum didn't let me watch for quite awhile.  She thought it was scary and didn't realize that it was more so comedic than creepy.  I must say, this might be my number one film that I have to watch no matter what every Halloween.  My best friend and I would quote it constantly.  I just can't get enough of it.

Land of the Dead
Though I suppose I could technically lump this in with Dawn of the Dead, I decided to give it it's own spot.  Here's another piece of George Romero genius.  This is such a great zombie film.  I love the fact that he evolved them a bit, allowing them to keep the basic instincts from their former lives.

A Nightmare on Elm Street
I must say, I believe Freddy Krueger is my favourite horror film killer.  He's such a sick, sadistic individual.  I love the way he messes with his victims minds.  I really want to lump in New Nightmare with this one, since it's so amazing.  It is close to the first movie in awesomeness.  I just love the whole idea behind it.  So if you're a Freddy fan, check it out.  The remake of the first movie was pretty good, though I couldn't get past the changes in Freddy's face.  I know he looks more like a real burn victim, but I was just so used to seeing the way he used to look.

This was one of the first scary movies I saw when I was just getting into them.  I was at a sleepover with a bunch of girls and we freaked ourselves out so much that we couldn't sleep.  Nowadays, it's not so scary for me.  But I still love all four films in the series.

Shaun of the Dead
How's this for a slice of fried gold?  I absolutely love Shaun of the Dead.  It's such a fun change to see the zombie world through the eyes of fanboys.  It's humorous, the zombies look great, and it's just so fun.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Good ol' Leatherface.  Here's another twisted individual.  Though a lot of that could be blamed on his family.  This film is creepy in the fact that, hey, it could really happen.  Plus that mask made of skin is just so wrong.

And finally, Zombieland.  This is another favourite of mine.  I know I have a lot of zombie movies on here but I can't help it.  I adore them so much and this is such a fantastic one.  This I suppose could also be placed in the campy category, but it does have a few suspenseful moments.  Plus Jesse Eisenberg is so endearing as the sort of anti-hero.

I tried to narrow it down, which was quite difficult in the end.  So there was my top fifteen films that I enjoy watching this time of year (though many of them I could watch all year, and do!).  Wondering what ones slipped from the list in favour of the ones above?

Here's my close, but no cigar choices:
~The Craft (This is eery at times.  Especially towards the end when Fairuza Balk's feet drag across the floor.  It gets me every time.)

~The Nightmare Before Christmas (I know this is a classic for everyone, but it just wasn't enough for me this year.)

~Stay Alive (I'm not a gamer, but even this film creeps me out.  The thought behind it is intriguing and the Countess gives me nightmares.  It's even 'loosely' based on a true Countess.)

~The Rocky Horror Picture Show (This isn't necessarily Halloween-y, but it's certainly campy enough.  Since I watch this film any time of the year, I decided to keep it off the main list.)

~Planet Terror (I love zombie films, and this is such a great one.  But, there were a few zombie ones that just mean a little more to me than this.  Again, I could watch this any time of the year.)

~Fido (Another zombie film.  I love the campy-ness of it as well as the gorgeous setting.  I can't help loving a 1950's vibe.)

What are your Halloween time must have films?  Are they all scary or do you have a few cheesy ones thrown in there like me?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chanelling Joan Holloway

I felt very 1960's in this outfit, so I went all out by using my vintage 1960's Polaroid camera as a prop.  My mum purchased it for me at a yard sale as a surprise.  I have no idea if it works.  I'd love to find some old film and test it out.  That would be really swell if it was still in working order.

The day these photos were taken, my mum and I were going on a sort of scavenger hunt to look for a costume to rent for the Renaissance Faire.  We checked out a few different locations and I found one that I liked a lot to reserve.  Even better then, my mum was at our local Salvation Army the one day and found a perfect Renaissance gown in the costumes section there.  I paid half the price I would have to rent one, plus I'll get to have it to wear again.


Outfit Details:
dress, belt, earrings {thrifted}
vintage 1960's Polaroid camera {yard sale}
vintage handbag, locket {from my grandmothers}
wedge shoes {eBay}
bracelet {Avon, gifted}

I felt very Mad Men in this.  I was going to do my hair up like Joan does, but I'm not very practiced in the beehive.  So instead, I just opted for a messy/cascading curls sort of 'do.  I've recently just started branching out into the 1960s more so.  I've mainly focused my wardrobe on the 1940s and 1950s.  I'd like to definitely try to go a little earlier and get some 1920s and 1930s pieces.  I have a lovely 1920s hat, but it's too snug on my head, so it's just a decorative piece.  I also have a darling little beaded 1920s clutch, but I don't use that too often either.  I'd really love to get some articles of clothing from those decades to add to my growing collection.

P.S. Gingers can wear ginger!

Want to see what photos didn't make it onto the blog?  Head over to Facebook for a look.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Week According to Instagram

I'm still getting over being sick.  It's going on two weeks now.  Most definitely no fun.  They did an x-ray on Friday to rule out pneumonia, so hopefully I'll know something at the beginning of the week.

Yesterday was a bit exhausting.  I overdid it by cutting Mum's hair and taking photos.  I don't feel too bad as long as I pace myself.  But anytime I exert a bit too much energy, I just am completely wiped out.  That's what makes working so difficult since I'm constantly on my feet, running around.

Today was fun.  I got an abrupt call from my mum asking me to go to a flea market with her, my step-dad, nephew, and sister-in-law.  I found some amazingly unbelievable finds.  I knew there would be produce and used items but I wasn't expecting to find the great vintage items I did.  I got 12 pairs of vintage back seam stockings, an old mixer from the 1950's or so (I need to research it), an old WWII devotional book for the soldiers, and a cameo ring.

Afterwards, we had luncheon at a cute diner.  Then we went to the Humane Society Thrift Shop because my nephew needed a tie-dye shirt for school for tomorrow.  He didn't have any luck, but I made out like a bandit!  I got a blue velvet vintage hat with lovely red lace lining, a detachable fur collar, a tapestry handbag, two tapestry pieces of luggage, a looking glass that says "I didn't want to go out but my hair looked too good to stay home", and a vintage bullet bra.

Warning: A lot of the following photos are Downton Abbey themed.  I'm currently reading The World of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes.  If you're a fan of the show, I highly suggest giving it a look.  It's got such stunning photography from the series as well of old images of actual people from that time.  Not only does it give insight to how things are on the show, but it also gives details of how life was then.  It's really all so fascinating.

1. The adorable Sean Berdy from Switched at Birth.
2-4. Handmade gift tags.

5. & 6. The lovely Rita Hayworth.
7. Adorable Sean Berdy again.
8. Informing Instagram of this blog post.

9. William Mason.
10. Downton Abbey/Highclere Castle.
11. Doctor Who/Scooby Doo crossover.
12. In the news for the zombie walk from last year (I'm the bride).

13. A lovely lady lounging.
14. Robert and Cora Crawley.
15. The beautiful Sybil Crawley.
16. She reminds me of an old school Catherine Tate.

17. A call for me?
18. Branson waiting for his next drive.
19. Letting Instagram followers know about this blog post.
20. A lady's maid preparing hair for her mistress.

21. Cora and two of her lovely daughters.
22. William standing at attention.
23. The 's-bend' corset.
24. The lovely ladies Crawley.

25. Cora enjoying a garden tea party.
26. An old recruitment ad for nurses from WWI.
27. Downton Abbey/Highclere Castle.
28. An old ad for a lovely range.

29. Matthew and Mary.
30. Future photoshoot for the blog.
31. Lunch at this cute diner with the family.
32. Thrifting finds!  Vintage hat and fur collar.

33. Vintage tapestry handbag.
34. Vintage bullet bra and a cute looking glass.
35. 12 pairs of vintage back seam stockings.
36. Strength for Service devotional book from WWII, 1942.

37. Vintage cameo ring from the flea market.
38. Letting Instagram followers know about this blog post.
39. Wow over 100 followers!  Thanks to everyone who enjoys the same things as I.
40. I love freshly curled hair!

After I got home from the flea market and thrifting, I really needed to rest.  I exerted too much energy for still recovering from the infection.  I wouldn't trade it for the world though.  It was so much craic to spend time with my family and I love thrifting!  I rested and perused the internet for a bit and then baked some cute pumpkin shaped cookies to take work tomorrow.  I'll show you in next Sunday's post.  How was your weekend?


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Living History

Woohoo!  I actually remember what happened the day these photos were taken!

As you probably have noticed by now, I take almost all of my photos in the same place- The Conrad Weiser Homestead.  It has gorgeous land with a pond, lots of various tress, and stunning old buildings.  Besides just taking photos, my mum and I went there that day for the Living History event they had.

Most of the year, the buildings aren't open to the public due to financing and other issues.  But this day we were able to go in and explore.  They had guides dressed up in period costume that toured the grounds with us and explained the history of Conrad Weiser and the time period.  There were also women who were in wondrous garb (though it was just common every day wear, it was still lovely) that were sewing, using a loom, and making baskets.  There was also an Indian there with authentic weaponry who explained the part the Indians had in this area.

Outfit Details:
vintage skirt, belt {thrifted}
blouse {too old to remember}
peep-toe wedges {payless}
vintage jewelery {from my grandmother}
satchel handbag {eBay}

It all was really quite fascinating.  I remembered some of the history from when I was younger but I didn't know most of it.  I'm glad we were able to attend and it's really swell how it's free to the public.

Want to see what photos didn't make it onto the blog?  Head over to Facebook for a peek.