Friday, August 30, 2013

Pink Dream

This I believe is one of my favourite photoshoots I've done.  I just love the complimentary colours of the dress with the cherry blossoms in the background.

This was the first time I got to wear this vintage dress.  I bought it back in October when I went thrifting with my cousins from Maine when they came to town.  It looks just so lovely with the tree in the background.  I adore flowering trees, especially cherry blossoms.

I remember the day I wore this dress.  It was a Thursday because I went to the library in the evening to help out with the Jane Austen event.  They needed an extra body to help them practice the Austen period dances.  It was jolly good fun learning them and I hope to be able to use that knowledge one day since I couldn't actually attend the event.

I usually don't wear such long frocks, but I felt very elegant and ladylike in this.  I was still playing around with my flapper hair, so I tried on a headpiece to see how I liked it.

Outfit Details:
vintage dress {thrifted}
shoes {deb shop}

I am quite thankful it's Friday.  It's been a rather long week for me and there's a busy weekend ahead of me. It shall be fun nonetheless.  I need to make a leather satchel by Monday (a holiday here) for another visit to the Renaissance Faire.  I won't have time to make the whole outfit from a pattern that I purchased.  I will jsut put pieces together from what I already have.

Hope you all had a lovely week.  And here's to the weekend.  Tally-ho!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Style Crush: Michael Fassbender

Style Crush is back with another Brit!  Well, sort of.  If you count German and Irish.  Which I am.  Because it's my blog.  So there.  I present to you Michael Fassbender.  If you haven't seen his incredible talent in anything, you are sorely missing out.

Michael is capable of pulling off a more casual look like the tee shirt and dress pants above.  He also looks devastatingly charming in a three piece suit.  I sure am a sucker for a well dressed man.  And I love waistcoats.  Love.

I love the fact that Fassy can pull off being beardy as well as scruffy and clean shaven.  I love a bit of scruff on a man.  Plus who can resist ginger scruff?  Not this lass.

Can this man do no wrong?  Sexy bedhead?  Check.  Scruff?  Check.  Casual clothing but still looks handsome and put together?  Check.

Nnnyahsodfkdsjfsdkj.  That's all I can say about him in this tuxedo with hat.

Really?  Jeans at an event?  Oh well.  He still looks completely fantastic.  And I can't help admiring how well they fit him.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Style Crush: Keira Knightley

I was going to do another British male for this week's Style Crush.  Then I thought I'd save him for next week and throw in a woman.  Keira Knightley has been a style inspiration for me for several years.  Though I don't exactly dress in quite her taste, I still appreciate it and enjoy seeing what she has on.  She was also my first girl crush.

I love how since Keira has a more boyish frame, that she often goes the androgynous route.  She pulls it off so well.  But at the same time, she makes sundresses look so sweet and effortless just by throwing on a pair of shades or a hat.

Keira, of course, has red carpet style nailed down.  She looks gorgeous in all sorts of styles and is never afraid to take a risk when it comes to a cut or silhouette of a dress.  Her lithe frame makes it easy for her to pull off dresses that my curvy frame could only dream of.

This green lace dress is so gorgeous.  Green is one of my favourite colours, so I'm automatically drawn to it.  And I love the sheerness to the top half.

This cutout dress is another winner for me.  It's just so demure with the colour and cut.  But then wham!  The cutouts make it a little saucy.

Finally, I can't mention Keira Knightley without sharing the amazingly stunning slinky silk green dress from Atonement.  I would kill for a dress like this.  And the body to be able to pull it off.  But for now, I will just drool over the beauty of it in photos and on film.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Past (Two) Week(s) According to Instagram

Another busy two weeks have passed by in a blur!

Last Saturday I went to Blue Marsh Lake and did a vintage swimsuit shoot with Jacob Mast, whom I met at Reading's air show.  He was sweet enough to drive up from DC to meet me and take some fabulous shots.  I haven't seen all of them yet, but I've seen a few shots here and there that make me quite excited.  I wore my two 1940s swimsuits that belonged to my grandmother as well as a 1950s and a 1960s thrifted suits.

Then on Sunday my friend took me to see his cousins perform in Legally Blonde the Musical.  It was a lot of fun and really well done.  His cousins were fantastic.  Gotta love theatre geeks.  I even wore a pink 1960s dress in honour of the event, which of course I forgot to take a photograph in.

1. The last Instagram post.
2. Trying to get inspiration for my vintage swimsuit shoot.
3. My grandma's vintage brooch- one of my favourites.
4. Made the latest issue of Dames, Planes, and Automobiles! Available here.

5. My four beautiful vintage swimsuits spanning from 1940s-1960s.
6. Hair, check. Makeup, check. Off to the shoot!
7. Striped fun in my grandma's 40s suit.
8. Some of the props I brought to the shoot.

9. 60s glam in Jackie O inspired sunnies.
10-11. Playing in the water in my other 40s suit that belonged to my grandma.
12. A teaser from the photographer in my 50s suit.

13. Tom Hardy was this week's Style Crush.
14. A lovely lace blue number.
15. Phoenix shirt. Gotta love X-Men.
16. Bilbo and Iron Man pens make doing work a bit nicer.

17. Today's outfit for church. I've since taken the hat off due to the rain.
18. Friday's outfit post.

This weekend I wasn't feel super great so I spent it being lazy with some mates.  So that will be how I'm spending the rest of my day today.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Mint and Lace

Lookie!  I'm a good girl and have my Friday post out on time!  This is thanks in part to having a free evening the other night after work where I could put the photos up awhile and then just throw in some words at another time.  Lately I've been either doing something every evening after work or I'm too exhausted to want to do much besides lounge on the couch watching some telly.  Also, my weekends have been pretty booked between friends and reenactments.

So not as much time for blogging.  Which I find rather ironic.  Now that I actually have a semblance of a life and am doing things, I don't have the time and/or energy to post about them.  I mean, jeepers, I haven't even posted photos from Reading's WWII Weekend and that was in June!

These photos were taken by the local creek that runs through my town.  I was running errands this day and didn't want to have to drive out of the way to go to my usual spot.  It's a pretty location but the shading from the trees combined with the time of day made for some dim photos.

Outfit Details:
vintage top, vintage collar {Grandma Ruth}
vintage Ferragamo shoes, belt, skirt, handbag {thrifted}
hair comb {eBay}

You can tell by my hair that these photos were taken shortly before The Great Gatsby came out.  I was still experimenting with different methods to achieve nice looking finger waves.  This was not the best of attempts, by far.  But I eventually got better at it and they turned out rather well for the actual day of my Gatsby photoshoot I did before seeing the film.

I've already started editing photos for Sunday's Instagram post, so hopefully it will actually come out this week and on time!  The horror!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.