Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Week According to Instagram

This week started off fine, in the middle it went awful, and it's ending on a slightly better note.  I won't go into the bad stuff.  Those who know me personally, know what I'm referring to.  Yesterday I finally got together with my best friend whom I hadn't seen in awhile.  Ever since she moved away a bit, it's been harder for us to see each other.  That last time I saw her was April so it was a really nice ending.

1. Cuddling with my baby.
2. Don't we all! A Christmas magnet that came on a CD of old Christmas music.
3. The tree I put up and decorated at work.
4. Snow in the forecast!

5. Snow! And on the day I put up my Christmas decorations.
6. Smudger's not that jolly in his Elf outfit.
7. I wish I could believe you, Jane.
8. Dolled up for a work meeting.

9. Pretty in pink and paging Mad Men.
10. I can relate to Jessica.
11-12. Good hair day on the way to work and at home.

13-14. What I wore out shopping with my friend.

Today I'll be spending the day with my mum.  We're going to be making Chicken Cordon Bleu for dinner!  I'm so excited since I've been craving this for months.  Are you guys getting prepared for Chrismas?

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