Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Week According to Instagram

I'm still going through my rough patch and have been pretty depressed lately.  But you all have your own worries and problems, so I won't trouble you with mine.  I do go back and forth a lot and quite easily from happy to sad.

Something to be happy about was baking cookies all day Friday with my mum.  By the time all was said and done, we made ten different kinds of confectionery treats.  It was exhausting but fun.  I brought Christmas music along which we listened to.  I had no idea how many different versions of the same songs I had on my playlist.

1. Dear Santa...
2. Willow, the newest addition to my mum's brood.
3. Nancy Carroll, 1928.
4. So true.

5. It doesn't seem quite right that this is in someone's scrap pile.
6. Googly eyed Reindeer socks.
7. Sleepy puppy.
8. Chocolate chip cookies.

9. Pretty rolled sugar cookies.
10. Snickerdoodles.
11. My favourite decorated cookies.
12. Peanut butter blossoms.

13-14. Outfit of the day on Saturday. I love this jumper.
15. I couldn't help it with this one.
16. Sam Palladio from Nashville. Handsome and talented.

Pretty much all the television I have been watching has consisted of Christmas films I've recorded on my DVR.  Let's just say the Lifetime and Hallmark Channels and I are as thick as thieves by now.  Some I have seen in the past, but most of them are new to me this year.  Whenever I get down, it's a surefire bet that they can cheer me up and spread warmth through my soul.

Today we hammered out the last three cookies that we didn't have time to bake on Friday.  All that's left is to decorate the gingerbread men that we weren't able to frost today.  Unfortunately, a bunch of them turned out all wobbly since we didn't have a cheesecloth to roll them out on.  They still tasted yummy though.

What are your favourite things you do to get ready for Christmas?

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