Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Week According to Instagram

Still suffering through my hardship here, but I do have a few things to be grateful for this week.  I'm thankful for my loving family and all of their support, a white Christmas, the wonderful thoughtful gifts I received, going to see the Hobbit, and being able to dress up and go out tonight.

My family definitely knows my tastes.  As you will see below, I received some amazing vintage items-and that's not even all of them!  There are still some I have yet to post.

I had some major geeking out this week with going to see The Hobbit.  They played trailers for Star Trek and Jack the Giant Slayer beforehand.  I am so excited for both of them.  Star Trek needs no words and Jack has the oh-so beautiful Nicholas Hoult in the starring role and the always delicious Ewan McGregor in it.  The only problem with showing them is that I want to see them immediately and not have to wait until their release date.  The Hobbit was incredible!  Martin Freeman was so precious as Bilbo and Richard Armitage was wonderful as Thorin.  I'd really like to see it once more before it leaves cinemas.

1-3. What I wore Christmas Eve.
4. A swell handbag my mum gave me as my Christmas Eve gift.

5. A Skyway train case I got to open early.
6. My new lovelies get their first night out. Unfortunately I had to then change them because snow + peep-toes don't work too well.
7. The Christmas tree at my brothers house with all the goodies underneath.
8. A pretty vintage print.

9. The neighbors beautiful yard after the snowfall.
10. It was a white Christmas after all!
11. What I wore Christmas day.
12. My new Victorian Trading Co. sunnies!

13. The Hobbit was amazing!!!  I really want to see it again.
14. Sharing this post with Instagram followers.
15. Lord of the Rings marathon!
16. My precious...

17. Sharing this post on Instagram.
18. Smudger got a haircut!
19. A red cape and handmade apron made by my great-grandmother.
20. My mum gave me one of my grandmother's dresses as a gift.

21. Two deep purple handbags from the 1920s.
22. A close up of the clasp detail.
23. A glass slipper, JFK book, and an old dessert recipe book.
24. A vintage handbag.

25. Real miniature hand mirror necklace from Victorian Trading Co.
26. A gorgeous grooming set from Victorian Trading Co.
27. Took my nephew to play in the snow.
28. The beautiful snowy landscape at my brother's house.

29. Sharing this post on Instagram.
30. This needs no words.
31-32. What I'm wearing today.

How was your Christmas week and weekend?  Any plans to celebrate the new year?

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