Thursday, December 27, 2012

Child(ren) of the Corn

So after an up to date blog post yesterday, here we are back to summer clothing.  I absolutely love this dress.  It's got a twirly skirt, sweet little buttons, and a sailor-ish sort of back.  I also adore the watercolour print of the blue and white flowers.  My mum bought me the necklace at a Titanic Tea Party we went to back when the film first was out.  We got to dress up in clothing inspired by the 1910s and have tea and scones.  It was really lovely.  I saw the necklace, and of course had to have it.  I don't wear it often.  It usually stays in the dark green velvet pouch with the white star on the closure.  I must make it a habit to bring it out more often.

You will notice that these photos are not taken at my usual location.  When I went to the Conrad Weiser Homestead, they were having some sort of Frisbee tournament all over the grounds.  I didn't want to be there awkwardly taking photos.  It might be a different story if I had a proper tripod for the camera I use.  Since I don't I use a stool and then put the lid of my typewriter on top of the stool with the camera on top.  It's definitely an interesting sight to see me running back and forth to that contraption.

I drove around through the mountains nearby until I found a place that I could use as my backdrop.  The title of this blog post is inspired by the location (and obviously a pun on the film).  It turned out to be a really nice place to take photos, despite the grass and weeds getting into my shoes.  Thankfully since it was in the mountains, the road is less traveled, but there were still a few cars to slow down as they passed and give me funny looks.  I'm just glad the farmer didn't come at me with a shotgun or something.

Outfit Details:
vintage 1950s dress, belt {thrifted}
vintage handbag, Le Cœur de la Mer necklace, Baker's shoes {gifted}
Princess Diana/Catherine ring {Boscov's}

Lastly, there's dear Tucker.  He looks quite depressed in that photo.  I took it the day after we had to put Harley down.  Tucker lost his best friend, and I lost my best furry brother.  It was a sad day, but I thought maybe doing something normal like taking outfit photos would help.

Do you have any interesting stories to tell about taking photos of yourself?  How about ways you cope through difficult times?

Want to see what photos didn't make it onto the blog?  Head over to Facebook for a gander.

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