Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Week According to Instagram

Christmas is coming!  And for once, I'm ready early.  My flat is all decorated, the presents are all purchased and wrapped.  This week I helped my Mum get a tree and decorate her house.  Yesterday and today I spent the day wrapping all the gifts.  I made them extra pretty by using ribbons and handmade gift tags available in my Etsy shop.  They really are a special touch to any gift, if I say so myself.

1. Yummy dinner: twice baked potato, chicken Cordon Bleu, and brown sugar carrots.
2. Vintage hand embroidered tea towel.
3.  Letting Instagram followers know about this post.
4. Working on a custom Kindle cover.

5. Finally had the chance to wear the 1940's nurse's cape.
6. Minus the cape: green plaid dress and hat.
7. Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters at the Dollar Tree.
8. Pretty in pink.

9. A side view of the hat.
10. Mini Christmas tree and vintage Santa Claus.
11. Watching one of my favorite films, Christmas or not: Love Actually.
12. Smudger after having a bath.

13. Keeping Smudger warm after his bath.
14. Some of the pretty presents I wrapped using these gift tags.

I'm really excited for next weekend because that is when the cookie making will commence.  Today we are coming up with a game plan for exactly what kinds we are going to make.  Mum and I are also enjoying some holiday movies.  We first watched Christmas with the Kranks and are currently enjoying the lovely Celtic Thunder Christmas DVD as I type this post.

What are your plans for the upcoming weeks for celebrating Christmas?

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