Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

This past week we had some really gorgeous (albeit hot) weather.  I wasn't quite prepared for it being that hot this soon.  A couple days it got into the 80s and that made for some very warm photo taking.  But it is so nice to have it be spring at last.

It was really pleasant to be able to take photos several days in a row this week.  I'm getting behind again on my outfit posts so I need to keep up on them.

1-4. Last Sunday's outfit.

5-6. It was Lucy inspired.
7. Holding a bottle of Vitameatavegemin.
8. Last week's Instagram post.

9. I've reached over 1000 Instagram followers!
10. I love these two authors: LJ Smith and Claudia Gray.
11-12. Monday's outfit for volunteering at the library.

13. RIP Margaret Thatcher.
14. My beautiful grandma Ruth in the 1930s/1940s.
15. Photoshoot at Conrad Weiser Homestead.
16. Shared this post via Instagram.

17. Another shot from Monday's post.
18-19. Tuesday's outfit.
20. One of my favourite pairs of heels.

21. This is so accurate, at least for me.
22. I cut my hair again! Took around 4-5" off it Tuesday night.
23-24. Wednesday's warm weather outfit. So simple but I love it.

25. Went out to take outfit photos.
26. My garden is finally in bloom.
27. Watched The Hobbit again. Love this film.
28. Lucille Ball was this week's Style Crush.

29. I've been bitten by the Sherlock bug and am now addicted.
30. Loved this cute Lord of the Rings cartoon.
31-32. Thursday's outfit for running errands.

33. Grandma Ruth with some kittens in the 1930s.
34. New (to me) hat! I am in love.
35. The hat's new home upon an old radio.
36. I have been all-consumed by a Benedict Cumberbatch obsession, thanks to Sherlock.

37. Some finishing touches to the antique radio.
38. Re-decorated my antique side table.
39-40. Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and a Shakespeare quote.

 41. Pinup Barbie.
42. Benedict again. I can't help it...
43. Dear Willow a few months back. She's even bigger now.
44. Two gorgeous vintage hats I was given by a sweet lady at church.

This week I (finally) watched Sherlock.  I've been meaning to for quite some time and at last got the first series from the library.  It was love at first sight.  Oh Moffat...  Benedict Cumberbatch is the perfect Sherlock Holmes.  He portrays the witty, and sometimes socially inept, detective flawlessly.  And the always adorable Martin Freeman plays Dr. John Watson with such charm.

Yesterday was my nephew's birthday party.  He turned 6 on Friday.  It's hard to believe he's that old already!  I went over to my brother's house and had some good food and hung out with them and a lot of my sister-in-law's family.

Today has been the usual Sunday routine.  I go to church in the morning with Mum and then head back to her house.  We make dinner and dessert together and then play games.

Do you have any weekend rituals that you do?

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