Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

Yesterday I went to see my 6 year old nephew play t-ball.  It was so cute to see all the wee ones running about.  But it was also freezing!  It was about 50 degrees, partly cloudy, and really windy.  I felt bad for all the kiddies too because they weren't huddled up like we were.

1-2. Sunday's outfit inspired by the Titanic anniversary.
3. A wee Titanic memorial I have set up in my flat.
4. Tried a new location for outfit photos.

5. A lovely shot of my new (to me) hat.
6. A gorgeous shot of Titanic at the docks in Southampton.
7. The result of sleeping with foam rollers in my hair.
8. A horrific act near my brother's home. Such a sickening tragedy.

9. Another beautiful shot of the ship from a blog post I did for the anniversary.
10. The gorgeous Ann-Margret.
11. Shared this post via Instagram.
12. Super curly hair thanks to hot rollers and shorter layers.

13. Lovely vintage style shoes from Sears.
14. David Tennant. I cannot wait for the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who.
15. Benedict Cumberbatch AND Tom Hiddleston together? Thank you War Horse.

17. Grandma Ruth and her brother Adrien, Wintrhop High, Maine 1937.
18. Prince Charming from Once Upon a Time in Thor? What a surprise.
19. Bits of my coffee table, a repurposed old trunk.
20. A photo from the top issue of Life, about camisoles.

21. Shared this post on Instagram.
22. Liza Minnelli was on Smash! Makes me think of when I saw her sing.
23. Lily Collins looking divine in a 1960s mod inspired look. I'm jealous of that cape!
24. Is it June yet so I can go to WWII Weekend?

This week started off rather busy with visits to the doctor and dentists.  I did have some nice visits with family on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  Wednesday I helped my mum take her three dogs to Blue Marsh Lake for walk about and so they could go swimming in the water.  It was the first time I got to see the new puppy Willow swimming.  She is just the prettiest little golden retriever.

I've really been getting into crocheting since I learned a few basics at my library's crochet club.  I've already made one scarf and am starting on a second.  I know you're questioning why I'm making scarves in spring.  Well, it's a head start on Christmas presents of course!  Plus it's the only thing I know how to make right now.  I have a wee book that teaches some other things and of course the huge stack of patterns I got for free.  So I need to sit down and have a gander at what I can learn to make next.

Hope you all had/are having a great weekend!


  1. I love all of your outfits, of course! They're gorgeous. And the little bits and pieces of your apartment are just lovely!

    1. Aww thank you so much! I've loved what I've seen of your place too! Eventually I plan on doing a post of just my flat, show off other areas besides my bedroom via Instagram photos.