Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Candy Coloured Stripes

The week is underway and it's not proving to be that good of one for me.  Sunday night I slept terribly (which could have had something to do with testing out foam rollers) and woke up with a horrible headache.  I've had a headache every day for the past couple months but same days are worse than others and yesterday was most certainly one.

On top of that, and the constant back pain, now I've got tooth pain.  My dad graciously paid for me to go to the dentist yesterday and it turns out my wisdom teeth need to come out and they're the source for my pain.  Unfortunately since I don't have insurance right now, I can't afford to get them pulled which is very expensive since they're impacted.

Today I had a doctor's appointment for my continued back pain plus a few other concerns.  Not much I can do for my back right now without exercise.  She suggested trying to do some at home stretches and heat to help with my back.  The good news was that she was able to write me a prescription to help with my teeth for now until I can get them pulled.

Since I was out I stopped at the mall to go to Sears.  I've had a gift card for there for well over a year.  I thought I might be able to find something there to cheer me up.  And I did!  I got a really cute pair of vintage inspired heels.  They were on sale for $24.99 but then rang up as $9.99!  Score!  It left me with a balance so I could still go back and get something else in the future.

Outfit Details:
vintage dress, vintage hat, handbag, belt {thrifted}
vintage jewellery {belonged to my grandma Charlotte}
wedges {eBay}

It's been and is going to continue to be a rather dreary week.  The weather has been bleak with on and off rain showers and they're calling for this all week.  Suffice to say, I've not been able to take outfit photos so I've been having a lazy time with my wardrobe.

Do you fall into laziness when they weather isn't nice?


  1. Aw, I'm so sorry to hear about all your various pains! Tooth pains are the worst, and headaches are right up there with them! I hope you start feeling better soon. :(
    Did you get my email about being my featured blogger? I was going to do April but then it got too late, and I was wondering if you want to be my featured March blogger. :)
    You look gorgeous, as usual.I can't get over my crush on your beautiful hair. Seriously, makes me want to dye my hair red in an effort to recreate the beautiful shade you have, but it'd never work on me!
    Big hugs! I hope your weekend is good! <3

    1. I must have missed your email. I'm so flattered and would love to be your featured blogger. What a sweet gesture.

      I think you'd look good with ginger hair! Perhaps not as coppery as mine but maybe more of an auburn? But then again your hair is so gorgeous as it is. You're like Snow White!

      I hope you and Mr Owl have a good weekend as well!

      xoxo Kristi