Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

Finally the weather is starting to come back to spring temperatures!  All week it's been a bit cooler so I didn't get to take any outfit photos.  Yesterday was really nice so I went to my usual spot and took some photos by the most beautiful cherry blossom tree.  It was the perfect backdrop for spring photos.  Plus it smelled really nice.  I just had to be mindful of the bees flitting around.

This week has ended with my mood being inspired by the 1920s.  I re-watched Midnight in Paris so I could see Tom Hiddleston as F. Scott Fitzgerald.  That film is just so incredible and I can really relate to the protagonists desire to be transported to the past.  Between that and the adverts I keep seeing for The Great Gatsby I've been going back a couple decades more than I normally do.

I was inspired and made two flapper-esque headbands.  I am absolutely going to dress up and go see Gatsby, even if no one else will dress up with me!  Though it would be preferable to have a few dapper people with.  I do love the twenties but only really have a few accessories from that time period including a hat and three handbags.  It would be really swell to find some pieces that if not actually that old, at least hold resemblance to that style of dress.

1-4. Last Sunday's outfit.

5-6. First time taking photos on train tracks.
7. Hats from another lady at church!
8. Hello, handsome...

9. I love Tom Hiddleston's curly hair!
10-11. Impossible Astronaut Day!
12. Reading lots of Tom or Benedict fanfiction.

13. I'm sensing a theme here...
14. Roller set and my grandma Charlotte's shirt.
15. Doctor Who + Sherlock = amazing fandom mashup.
16. These ladies are so inspiring!

17. The amazing Ella Fitzgerald.
18. Austen mood.
19. I love the Fitzgeralds in Midnight in Paris.
20. Getting excited for The Great Gatsby!

21-22. 1920s fever hit and I made two headbands inspired by Midnight in Paris/Gatsby.
23-24. Yesterday's nautical/patriotic themed outfit.

25-26. Gorgeous cherry blossom tree where I took outfit photos.
27. And another beautiful flowering tree.
28. I love this tree as a backdrop!

29. I can't wait to post these on the blog.
30. Black and white.

Inspiration has also struck in another way, though still keeping the roaring twenties in mind.  I think this spring/summer I'd really like to try to throw some themed picnics/afternoon parties.  I'm the only vintage lover/dresser amongst my mates but I think they'd still enjoy it.  I would do different things like the 20s and have food and beverages that were all the rage during that time.  Play music from that era.  Maybe even find some fun little games that were popular then.  The same for the 40s or other times like that.  We could even have an impromptu photoshoot or something!

So we will see...I really hope to bring that idea to fruition in the future.  What's been inspiring you lately?


  1. Dear Kristi! You are like a cherry blossom tree in Spring so fresh, nice and beautiful. You are not an old fashioned girl, you feel the fashion trends and perspectives. In the pictures the lady you are looks like a film star. Try to make your career. I am sure you will have success. So nice...