Monday, April 29, 2013

Pretty Pastel Pleats

There goes the nice weekend weather.  Today is rainy and dreary.  Hopefully these April showers will soon come to an end.  I did dress up in sort of a 1920s fashion for working at the library today but I forgot to take photos since I was pretty damp when I got home and just wanted to change into something dry.

I just saw an extended trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness and started geeking out.  I've only seen teaser trailers.  I cannot wait for this to come out!  Plus it will be my first Benedict Cumberbatch film I see in cinemas.  I will definitely be wearing one of the Starfleet shirts I got from a promotion for the last film.


I absolutely love this necklace that was my Grandma Charlotte's.  I'm not quite sure how old it is, but it does look a bit Art Deco to me.  It very well could have been her mum's since I know some of the pieces were.  I wish she was still around so I could ask her about the jewellery.  I'd love to know where they came from and which were her favourites.

I've got to start practicing my fingerwaves between now and when Gatsby comes out.  I learned them in beauty school and absolutely hated doing them.  I was so rubbish at it.  I wish I paid more attention.  I've attempted them on myself twice thus far, both times with fingerwave clips.  The first time turned out rather well.  Last night's attempt was terrible.  I used a different gel and when I combed them waves, they fell right out.  Very annoying.

So I suppose I will wash my hair again tonight and try once more.  If I could only remember what gel I used the first time.  Either way the result is never as beautiful as the old photographs of ladies from the 1920s that I look at.  If only I could do it that well.  Perhaps it will just take practice.  Or maybe I should look into alternative methods of styling them.

Outfit Details:
vintage dress, vintage hat, belt {thrifted}
vintage jewellery {Grandma Charlotte}
stockings {eBay}
shoes {Bakers, gift}

I will be spending the rest of this rainy day researching the 1920s for a themed party I want to throw.  So I will be looking up popular drinks, foods, games, and whatnot to use at the party.

Want to see what photos didn't make the blog?  Head over to Facebook for a look-see.


  1. I love your dress the detail at the bottom is beautiful :)

    1. Thank you so much! That's my favourite part of it also.

  2. Wy do women prefer and like the white like a wedding dress? Why does a woman want to look nice and beautiful? The life sometimes is not a happy journey. So the woman wants to make a holiday for herself to feel purity, clarity and innocence and the feellig to be protected by.It makes her happy. Dear Kristi, you look very nice and beautiful because of your soul, your inner world cries about it. And the clothes only dress out a brilliant jewel you are.

  3. Dear Kristi! Ilove these Christian songs. I do not know why but the first one is associated with your personality.