Friday, April 19, 2013

In Which I Wear 3 Different Kinds of Flowers

I don't know how the weather for you has been, but here it's been rather dreary all week.  On and off rain and thunderstorms.  Lots of wind!  It's good to look back at these photos when it was nicer.  I know the April showers won't last and then I'll be whinging about it being too hot.

I have a serious addiction to these shoes, if you can't tell.  They are now my go-to pair.  I just love them so much.  Oh thrifting, it's like treasure hunting.  It's swell all the goodies one can find there.

I really love this handbag that I got at a yard sale on my birthday.  I would use it all the time if it only had pockets inside.  Something for some sort of organization.

I got to see my dad this week.  He took my little brother and I out for some pizza and ice cream.  He took Norma Jean (my vintage bicycle I got in Maine) home with him to try to fix her up.  Her chain is a bit rusty and the air tubes inside the tires need replacing or something.  I hope he can get her up and running.  I'd love to get her white wall tires one day.  She also needs a basket!

 Outfit Details:
top, vintage skirt, vintage shoes, vintage hat, belt {thrifted}
vintage handbag {yard sale}
backseam stockings {eBay}
vintage jewellery {excluding ring, belonged to Grandma Charlotte}

The cameo bracelet actually belonged to my great-grandma Henrietta, according to my father.  I think that's pretty neat. I never met her nor do I even know what she looked like.  We don't have many photos from my dad's side of the family.  That makes me all the more grateful and lucky that we have all the ones we do from my mum's.

Any big plans for the weekend?


  1. I love your new shoes and tapestry bag! <3

    1. Thanks love! Those aren't the new ones I just put on Instagram but they are similar to this thrifted pair. I will be breaking in my new oxfords tomorrow at church. Can't wait!

      xoxo Kristi

  2. So lovely! That bag is divine, and I LOVE your floral skirt! I hope your bicycle gets up and running soon! I've been yearning to have a bike to ride around (or at least pose with!) for the summer.

    1. Thank you, doll! My dad actually just brought my bicycle back today! It thankfully didn't need any parts. It just needed to be greased up and the tires inflated. I probably won't take photos with it without a photographer because that would be just too much work!

  3. You are such a lady! I love your vintage style! Following <3 Alex