Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Style Crush: Lucille Ball

Style Crush is back and this week is featuring the gorgeous, talented, hilarious Lucille Ball.  I've watched I Love Lucy for as far back as my memory goes.  It's just such a classic, wonderful show.  Full of laughs and certainly fabulous fashion!

I love this casual look she's wearing in this photo with Desi.  Those pants are divine!  I also adore the photo of her in the floppy hat and playsuit.  Such a beautiful look.  Plus below, green always looks fantastic on a redhead.  I'd love to find a green polka dot dress like that!

There's something about the photo above that makes me want to stare.  Her hair and makeup look and incredible.  She was such a beauty.

People remember her most as goofy Lucy but she was more than that.  I remember seeing her in Du Barry Was a Lady (1943) and was amazed at her in it.  She was so beautiful and sang so wonderfully.

This last photo, I've got to say, is one of my most favourites.  That hat is amazing and she looks so glamorous.  Lucy will always hold a special place in my heart as a fellow ginger.  I still watch I Love Lucy and even though I've seen the episodes repeated times, she still makes me laugh and smile.

What are your fondest memories of Lucy?


  1. I always thought she was so beautiful! I love her. She's so glamorous and funny, and just gorgeous.

    1. She was so beautiful. I really enjoyed searching through images and seeing all her gamour shots.

  2. She's the most hilarious, and most gorgeous woman ever! :-) Raven .S. Xoxo

  3. I never knew she had such great gams.