Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

Happy Easter one and all!  I hope you are having a wonderful time celebrating this very special day.  I will be attending church, as usual, with my mum.  Afterwards my brother, his wife, and son will come over for Easter dinner at my mum's house.  I'm glad we are able to spend time together.

Hopefully by tonight, I can continue to remain spoiler-free in regards to The Walking Dead after last week's fiasco.  There's nothing worse than spoilers.

In more cheerful news, Bomb Girls and Doctor Who is back!!!  Plus Mad Men in one week!  Hopefully these shows will fill the hole that The Walking Dead will leave.  But sadness aside, can we just take a moment and talk about how amazing the return of Bomb Girls and Doctor Who was?  I almost forgot how much I enjoyed those programs until they came back on.  Oh Doctor...

1. Last week's Instagram post.
2. Made stuffed shells for dinner last Sunday.
3. Smudger playing hide and go seek.
4. It's not easy taking a photo of the back of your legs.

5. Angry words with just cause.
6. How great is this?
7-8. Shared this post on Instagram.

9. Emma Pillsbury has some good pamphlets.
10. Baby Willow didn't want her hair to get tousled in the wind.
11. Gingers.
12. One of my favourite Doctor Who quotes.

13. Mad Men marathon. I'm all caught up for next week!
14. Gorgeous pink vintage hat.
15. Bomb Girls is back on!
16. Emma Pillsbury was this week's Style Crush.

17. My grandma Ruth in front of the beach house her dad built, 1940s.
18. Sweet glove clip that attaches to your handbag, belonged to my grandma Charlotte.
19. Throwback to last April. Was going to see Titanic for its 100th anniversary.
20. Oh, silly Smudger!

21-22. Mad Men influenced.  Hello 60s!
23. Friday's accessories. The sunnies belonged to my grandma Charlotte.
24. Took photos for a future blog post.

25. I love the Peter Pan collar on this dress.
26. Shared this post on Instagram.
27-28. Yesterday's outfit. Rosie the Riveter inspired for taking my nephew to an egg hunt.

 29. This car was at the one egg hunt and I couldn't resist even though it's the wrong era.
30. Pastel polka dots for Easter!
31-32. He's back!!!

It's slowly starting to warm up again.  This weekend's weather has been nice, in the 50s, though they are calling for rain this afternoon.  I know I've said this before, but I can't wait for the warmth to come and stay.  Friday I got to wear my pretty blue 1960s frock.  I had to go in that direction after watching a season and a half of Mad Men.  But I'm ready and rearing to go for next week's premiere.  

Yesterday Mum and I helped out at our church's Easter egg hunt.  My nephew came along and then we took him to another egg hunt.  The lucky lad!  I wish they had egg hunts for adults.  I miss the rush and thrill of trying to grab those eggs.  Plus some free candy is always nice.  Though they did hand out chocolate bunnies to both adults and children at the second egg hunt.  Yum.

What are your Easter plans?  I hope you have a happy and joyous day no matter what it is!  Happy Easter!

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