Friday, March 8, 2013

Petals and Plaid

I've mixed patterns before but nothing so blatant as this combination before.  And it just so turned out to be a top look for me.  Something about the floral top with the plaid skirt just really appeals to me.

This 1930s fur trimmed jacket was a gift from a neighbor.  This is the first time it's appearing in the blog (besides via Instagram) and I am in love with it.  It fit really well to balance the look out.  I can't wait to wear it more in the next few transitional months.  It's slowly turning to spring here, though by the looks of Wednesday's snowfall it doesn't seem that way yet.

You wouldn't know it to look at it, but this skirt's original hemline went down past the knees with several inches of fringe hanging to about mid-calf.  I was almost turned off by that upon first glance but then I thought to myself what an easy thing that is to fix.  It definitely helped with the pattern as a guide to hem a straight line.  I ended up making it a little shorter than I actually wanted, but it works as a more mod-1960s piece.

There's just something about back seam stockings that makes a girl feel ultra sexy.  Or at least, they do that for me.  I was having a very good hair day starting off, but once we get to the last few photos you can see how much the curls fell out.  It was incredibly windy this day and my hair certainly paid the price.

The only bad thing about the length of the skirt (besides it not being on purpose...) when I sit down it's a bit scandalous.  Not anything too crazy, but as you can see below, the tops of my stockings and the straps to my garter belt are visible.  So I certainly have to be careful whilst sitting in this skirt.

Here's a feature to the Conrad Weiser Homestead that I don't show off too often: the gazebo.  It's in a totally different area of the park than I usually shoot at.  But on the way out of the park, I decided to stop and shoot a few photos.  They actually offer you the option of holding weddings and events here, which I think is pretty neat.  It would be gorgeous to have the old stone buildings as a backdrop for your wedding party.

This little bridge is an area I haven't shown yet.  It appears right after the one entrance to the Homestead.  There's nothing too beautiful surrounding it during the winter, but I love the look of the aged stone.  It's definitely going to look more spectacular once there's green on the branches come springtime.

Outfit Details:
vintage skirt, vintage blouse, belt {thrifted}
1930s jacket, vintage Etienne Aigner clutch, oxford booties {gifted}
back seam thigh high stockings {eBay}
vintage cameo brooch {paternal grandmother}

Tuesday was really nice temperature-wise, then Wednesday it snowed, now this weekend they're calling for temperatures in the high 50s.  The fluctuation is insanity.  But I won't complain if it actually gets that warm.  Here's hoping, because I want to try out my new camera and tripod.



  1. Is your hair naturally curly? I LOVE it - and the color? To die for :)


    1. It is naturally curly/wavy but not like this. I use hot rollers to get the curls like this.

  2. Those stockings are a dream!


    1. Thank you! I love wearing them. There's something about backseam thigh high stockings that makes me feel so glamorous. I actually purchased them off of eBay.

  3. Conrad Weiser Homestead? You mean the one in Pennsylvania? Meaning there's actually another blogger here in PA?

    1. Yes, the very one! I live about 15 minutes away from it. I can't believe you actually know where it is! Do you live near it?

    2. My dad is originally from Reading and we go back for WWII Weekend every year (both my parents are involved and have been since the first year, and I grew up with it). Have you ever been?

    3. That's awesome! Yes I've been there for the past few years. I'm so excited for June to come! I love going there, it feels like going home just to be surrounded by other lovers of the period.