Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Style Crush: Michelle Williams

This week I'm featuring the lovely Michelle Williams.  In her personal life, she keeps to herself, but there is one thing that's obvious from just looking at her: she's got style.  It seems, at least to me, ever since she got her now infamous pixie cut, her style has evolved incredibly.

I really am in love with this look above.  I don't know what it is about.  It's the combination of several things I suppose.  I love the fit of the dress, it has pockets!  Also the length of the sleeves help balance out the hemline.  Plus the two tone nude strappy sandals are to die for!

The dress below just reminds me of a waterfall for some reason.  The fabric just drips down her petite frame and accentuates everything perfectly.

I adore this canary yellow gown she wore above with Heath Ledger.  The golden colour glowed against her porcelain skin and the pop of colour on her lips tied it all together.  I also loved the messy bun with wispy strands around her face.

To me, Michelle was an amazing Marilyn.  When I first watched the film I felt completely transported.  It really opened my eyes about Marilyn and broke my heart a little.  Michelle truly was incredible in it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this coral peplum gown!  Words cannot describe the perfection of this confection!  The peplum gave her the illusion of the curves she lacks, the colour looked phenomenal against her skin, it's just flawless.  Plus the sweet little bow along the belt was just so precious.

Below she looked incredible in a tea-length frock at an event for Oz: The Great and Powerful.  The blue really makes her eyes pop and the black belt is a great contrast.

Even when she's not all dolled up at an event, Michelle has got that great street style.  Whether she's strolling around the streets of New York with her daughter or meeting up with a friend, she's got that oh-so-cool appeal.  See below, she's wearing a simple pair of shorts and a chambray top.  But with that messy chic coif and a cool pair of shades she looks like a girl you want to get to know.

I don't think I could ever chop my hair off into Michelle's signature style in the foreseeable future, but she makes me almost want to do it.  It would be so effortless and it makes any style look so casually cool.  All you need is to throw on a sweet pair of Ray-bans.

So here is this week's Style Crush.  Michelle is one I always love to find in the magazines to see her incredible street style or her flawless red carpet frocks.

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