Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vintage Is Vogue

I recently received an email from Kaki, Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker.  It turns out she's a fan of my blog and she asked me to share with you some information about vintage fashion.  Which if you've seen my blog, you know I adore!

Here is what Kaki has to say:

 "Vintage Is Vogue

Every so often in the fashion industry, vintage fashion make a comeback. This year, vintage styles are all the rage. From vintage clothing and accessories to glam Hollywood vintage lifestyles and home décor, you can live it up in the 21st century as though you had stepped back into the first half of the 20th century without losing any modern conveniences in the process.

Vintage Clothing

Vintage styles have taken the catwalk by storm. If you love the look and charm of Audrey Hepburn, now is the time to model her fashion sense. She almost always wore chic black and white numbers, and her attire in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” catapulted the little black dress to the pinnacle of classic fashion. On more casual days, take a tip from Audrey by donning a pair of black skinny trousers and a fitted button-down top.

Vintage Accessories

In addition to vintage neck scarves, today’s fashions feature several vintage accessories. Pair a pearl necklace with your little black dress for a vintage look sure to turn heads. Add a little more panache with an antique brooch. Kitten heels, which Audrey particularly loved, can take a casual look and dress it up. Don’t forget to add a pair of marble sunglasses to complete your look. You can find large, round styles reminiscent of the times in Warby Parker’s Hayworth collection.

Vintage Lifestyle

Going vintage doesn’t have to stop with your personal appearance. The grace and glamour of an art deco lifestyle can surround you in your home as well. The clean lines and sweeping curves of elegant home décor inspired by such movies as “My Fair Lady” feature elegantly in the top home designs of 2013. Replace the overstuffed look with furniture that features straight lines or clean curves. For an inexpensive room makeover, replace a heavy coffee table and end pieces with 20th-century modern pieces featuring open design. Embrace bright colors, and get rid of complex pieces or puddles of fabric in favor of long, lean looks.

There’s no need to go back in time to experience the glamour and elegance of yesteryear. Today’s fashion features vintage looks alongside a modern lifestyle, and you can truly have it all."

After looking at the Warby Parker website, I had a visual love affair with many different pairs of glasses/sunglasses.  I don't wear corrective lenses, but if I did, here are a few of my top contenders.

It was much more difficult for me to narrow down my top three favourite pairs of sunglasses on their site, since these are something I could actually wear.

Every girl needs a perfect pair of sunnies to tie together their look.  They can completely transform the most casual look to effortlessly chic like Michelle Williams in yesterday's Style Crush post.  Or they can vamp up an already glamorous look and turn you into an old Hollywood starlet.

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