Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Style Crush: Emma Pillsbury

This week's Style Crush is featuring everyone's favourite OCD ginger, Emma Pillsbury from Glee!  Glee is a fantastic show in it's own right, but there is a certain added pleasure waiting every week to see what sort of beautiful clothes Emma is going to wear.

Even though Emma's clothing is mostly modern (and very expensive!) they all have that nod to vintage in them.  They are ultra-feminine and always have a girly, classy touch to them.  She is often seen in ruffles, blouses with bows, and of course cardigans with gorgeous sweater clips.

The guidance counselor is also seen very often with all sorts of different brooches.  She's got a very sort of librarian look to her that I just adore.  Emma will match a bright bracelet and belt for a pop of colour against a monochromatic look.  How sweet is that nightgown from the "Like a Virgin" scene on Glee?

I love the way the sweater clip acts like a necklace against the gorgeous bib front blouse above.  And I am desperately envious of the top below!  The beaded bow detail is to die for!

I am in love with the look below.  The sweet bow of the printed blouse looks wonderful with the coral pencil skirt.  And look how the skirt has a bow on the front as well!

This look above is another of my favourite looks for Emma.  It shows hardly any skin, yet it's a sexy look.  The delicate collar popping out from the top of the sweater is so darling.  The belt and matching bracelet add a nice contrast to the otherwise very neutral outfit.

Emma must have an incredible wardrobe full of clothing!  She is able to match everything in such a lovely way.  Emma also has such beautiful blouses with such amazing collars!  I love the peter pan one below.

Even though I don't think I could handle Emma's OCD overdrive, I would still love to take a peek into her closet.  Rachel Berry does wear some nice things, but out of anyone on the show, I would most love to have Emma Pillsbury's.


  1. I love her hair colour! And so many cute cardigans and tops/blouses!!! Never seen Glee, but now I love her!

    1. Her hair is gorgeous! And her wardrobe is to die for. Too bad it's all really expensive. But the looks are still inspiring to find thrifted pieces that resemble them.

  2. I love Emma's nightgown in the nationals episode of Glee!!!