Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

Spring is here!  Well, at least temporarily.  Yesterday and today the temperature is in the high 50s and tomorrow is supposed to be around that also, though with a bit of rain possible.  There's something about when the warmth starts to come that just cheers me up and puts a spring in my step.  I can whip out my favourite styles of clothing and all my favourite shoes.

I've had a pretty good week overall, if you don't count my constant nightmares I endure almost every night.  The latest?  Fighting in WWII, having cancer, having a serial killer after me, and of course zombies.  Monday I spent the evening at my dad's.  We had incredible pizza and watched the latest 007 film, Skyfall.  I already loved Ben Whishaw, but after seeing him as Q, it just developed more.  I really could go for watching that again.

Yesterday I switched things up and took outfit photos at the Milcreek Wildlife Sanctuary.  My normal location was otherwise occupied so I went there instead.  I saw the beautiful white snow geese in the water.  It looked like hundreds of white swans from the distance.

1. An old advertisement.
2. The glamorous Jean Harlow.
3. Oh Daryl, thankfully you are in tonight's episode.
4. My grandmother's silk nightgown from the 40s.

5. Watched Skyfall and fell in love with Ben Whishaw as Q.
6. Pride and Prejudice with Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier.
7. Bond girl love knot necklace from Casino Royale.
8. My favourite Keats poem.

9. Modern clothing! (except the blazer and blouse are vintage)
10. Smudger napping in a ball.
11. Michelle Williams was this week's featured Style Crush.
12. Willow, my furry baby sister.

13. Freshly painted toes for this weekend's warm weather.
14-15. This dress made me fee like I should have been at District 12's Reaping.
16. Ewan McGregor and his amazing hair in Jack the Giant Slayer.

17. Eleanor Tomlinson looked beautiful in Jack the Giant Slayer.
18. If you couldn't tell, I saw Jack, and look at Ewan's hair! Gorgeous.
19. Oh Nicholas Hoult, your baby blues Slay me.
20. Housewife attire. Now I just need to become a wife...

21. Wore a headscarf in a bow to make my hair last a day longer.
22. My grandmother's vintage brooch added the perfect touch.
23. Petals and Paid post up on the blog.
24. Watched Wuthering Heights starring Andrew Lincoln and Tom Hardy.

25. Saturday's outfit of frills and polka dots.
26. This sign instantly made me think of Daryl Dixon.
27. Took photos at Milcreek Wildlife Sanctuary yesterday.
28. Weather was warm enough to wear my vintage nightgown to bed.

29. A close up of the nightgown, though it's actually a blush colour.
30. 3 Facts: 1. I am in love with Fun., 2. I am in love with the way Nate dresses, 3. I am in love with their cover of "Somebody That I Used to Know".

This afternoon my mum and I might take her three doggies to Blue Marsh.  For those of you (probably all), Blue Marsh is a huge lake area with beaches, hiking trails, and lots of places for boating.  It's a beautiful area and the dogs love running through the woods and swimming in the water.  I'll also be taking more photos this afternoon, before the hiking since I'll have to change my clothes if we go.  I just love this warm weather!  It cheers me up so much and I really have been needing a good cheering up.

What have your plans been like for this glorious weekend?

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