Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

It's now officially Spring!  Now please do me a favour, and tell the weather that!  They're calling for snow tonight into tomorrow night and it's still being very windy and cold.  I'm definitely over wearing tights and wool coats.  I'd like to wear my stockings by choice.  I'd also like to wear all the dresses I bought in the colder months that I haven't been able to wear yet.

Wednesday I ran some errands.  I was on the hunt for an open bottom girdle that would hold up stockings but still have not been able to get my hands on one at any thrift stores.  It's very annoying.  Mum swears there are some that were my grandmother's up in the attic, but that doesn't do me any good since that is chaos.  I know there are some gorgeous new ones like on What Katie Did, but there's no way I could afford that lingerie, most certainly not right now.

I did find an amazing pink tulle hat from I'm guessing the 1950s-1960s that I'll probably wear Easter Sunday.  I also found a pair of vintage nylons from the 1970s and two pairs of vintage backseam stockings.  Throw in a neat straw oversized clutch and all of that was just $5!  Oh how I love thrift shops.  I also scored a beautiful 1960s blue dress with a sweet Peter Pan collar for just a few dollars.

Last night I went out to eat at Kauffman's Chicken or as my nephew calls it, the Chicken House.  I went with my dad, two of my brothers, my sister-in-law, and my nephew.  It was good to get out of the house and eat some good food with good company.  Although my stomach isn't used to eating such greasy food and it was a bit queasy afterwards.

1. Doctor Who, Gallifrey, Irish?  Awesome!
2. An Irish blessing with sweet illustrations.
3. St. Patrick's Day tradition!
4. St. Patrick's Day outfit.

5-6. Lots of green for St. Patty's day!
7. This is so wrong, yet oh so right.
8. Oh Daryl, I missed you last week.  And Team Prison.  You better show your sexy, crossbow wielding bum tonight as there is only one more episode left after tonight.

9-10. St. Patrick's Day outfit post!
11. Had a dream about this gorgeous man.  Oh Joseph Gordon-Levitt...
12. One more photo from last Sunday.

13. Watched W.E. and am now fascinated by Wallis Simpson.
14. A gorgeous still from W.E.
15. Gathered accessories.
16. The final look.

17. A closer view of Wednesday's outfit.
18. A sweet Coke lunchbox I got in Main last year.
19. Lovely vintage luggage I got at a yard sale years back.
20. The tag is still attached to the makeup case.

21. Dr. Spencer Reid was this weeks Style Crush.
22. The beautiful Anita Page being a bit saucy.
23. Alexis Bledel makes a stunning Rosie the Riveter.
24. Oh Norman, you look so good dressed like that.

25. Yesterday's outfit for dinner with the family.
26. Curls!  A great hair day.
27. Am beyond excited for Doctor Who to come back!

Today will be the usual church with Mum and then go back to her place for the day.  We usually eat an early meal and spend the rest of the day relaxing by playing boardgames or watching some telly.  I'll leave with enough time to get home and watch Once Upon a Time and of course The Walking Dead.

I'm so gutted thinking there's only one episode left after tonight.  You know they are going to leave the season off at some huge cliffhanger.  Plus apparently there was some article saying that 27 people are going to die before the season is out.  Not to be mean to the innocents, but I hope it's mostly Woodbury peoples.  Team Prison has already dwindled down so much and there's no one in that group that I wouldn't miss except maybe Carol.  Sorry Carol, but that's the truth.  I'm indifferent about Merle but he does make for some good conflict.  The top people that I most definitely do not want to die are Daryl (obviously!), Glenn, Maggie, and Rick.  But I'd definitely be upset about Michonne and I'm starting to really like badass Carl.  See?  Just no one from Team Prison should die.

Team Woodbury?  There aren't really any main characters from there that I'd miss.  I'd feel a bit bad for Andrea but she had her chances.  I am a bit concerned for her to be in the Governor's twisted torture chamber.  I'd also feel a bit bad for Milton.  I guess we shall see!

Do you have any weekend rituals that you follow?

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