Monday, March 25, 2013

Bond Girl Blues

I was inspired to create this outfit after watching Skyfall with my dad and brother.  It got me in a very Bond sort of mood.  It made me remember that I own the Algerian Love Knot necklace that Vesper Lynd (played by Eva Green) wore in Casino Royale.

I wasn't originally even going to take photos today but when I stepped outside to run a few errands it was too beautiful to resist.  I quickly got changed out of my lazy clothes and threw on some that would work well with the Bond Girl necklace.  I know this isn't exactly skimpy enough to be a proper Bond Girl.  But this is my take on a throwback glamorous, classy one.

How stirring was last night's episode of The Walking Dead?!  The end nearly broke my heart...even though I knew who was going to die thanks to some jerk posting photos on Instagram several days before the episode even aired.  I've already ranted some, but I'm going to rant a bit more.  I don't care if you post photos after the episode has already aired, that's fair game then if someone hasn't seen it.  But to post a photo of a character death in the middle of the week is just mean.  Call me River Song, but I don't want spoilers.

I don't know if anyone else has Comcast for their cable, but I am super excited for this week.  It's Watchathon Week, which means there are all sorts of shows that have multiple seasons On Demand for free to watch.  Some of them are on regular channels like Doctor Who and Mad Men.  But I'm so glad Mad Men season 5 is up so I can hopefully finish it and be ready for season 6 when it starts next month.  I'm tired of being so behind on it.

Also exciting is that they have shows that are on paid channels like True Blood and Spartacus.  I'm all caught up on True Blood but it's still nice to have to option of watching it on my telly rather than on my iPad like I usually do since I don't have HBO.  I will be trying to watch some of Starz's Spartacus because Liam McIntyre is one fine looking Australian.  Plus, you know, I've heard good things about it...

 Outfit Details:
vintage dress, bolero, shoes, belt {thrifted}
tights {target}
casino royale bond girl love knot necklace {eBay}
sunglasses {boutique in Maine}

It's snowing again here.  A far cry from the sunshine from when I took these photos a few weeks ago.  These are also the last photos taken with my mum's camera.  All the ones from now on will be with my new (to me) Nikon that I got as a birthday gift from my dad.

Is anyone else gearing up for the return of any shows or has gotten spoiled about something?

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