Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

This week was rather busy for me.  It feels good to sit down and type this out.  Tuesday was the only day that I didn't have something to do.  I haven't been this busy in a while, it's weird.

Speaking of weird, the weather has been all out of whack.  It's turning around today and looking warmer for the rest of the week.  Unfortunately, with that, probably comes the humidity as well.  Humidity is not my friend.  My hair goes crazy and gets super fluffy and out of control.  I have yet to find the right hair products to defeat this nuisance.

1-2. Last Sunday's outfit.
3-4. At the car show in my town.

5-6. In black and white.
7-8. Monday's outfit. I wore a deadstock vintage frock.

9. The only day I got to take outfit photos due to the weather.
10. Ehm...yes.
11. A couple embracing at Penn Station in 1944.
12. Tuesday's hot weather outfit.

13. A good hair day.
14. Shared this blog post via Instagram.
15. I am currently addicted to Being Human (UK version) starring Aidan Turner.
16. Wednesday's hot weather outfit.

17. An updo to help with the heat.
18. Zachary Quinto was this week's Style Crush.
19. Went to a Reading Phillies game with my family.
20. Thursday's hot weather outfit.

21. Another updo.
22. A close up of the unique neckline.
23-24. Gorgeous vintage hats from my lovely neighbour.

25. Even more!
26-27. And a vintage Dior!
28. Colgate Shaving Stick can and antique tin.

29. A calendar from 1947.
30. An old thermos, mirror, and coasters.
31. An old letter holder and bookend.
32. A girl's teen magazine from 1944.

33. Less than two weeks until WWII Weekend!
34. I had a very geeky dream about Captain Kirk, Thor, Loki, and the Doctor.
35. Mickey was in the new Star Trek!
36. I Love Lucy themed outfit post.

37. Yesterday's very blue outfit.
38. I got to wear one of the hats my neighbor gave me.
39. A sweet couple in Central Park in the 40s.

Tomorrow, since it's a holiday, my mum and I are going to get some flowers for my wee garden and make it look pretty.  I hope you all had a wonderful (long, if you're in the US) weekend!

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