Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

Happy Mother's Day to all you mummies out there (even mummies to pets)!  Today I got to spend the day with my mum, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew.  Mum and I went to church as usual and spent a bit of the early afternoon together.  Then we went over to my brother's house and spent time with his wife and son while waiting for him to come home from work.  We ate dinner at a local chicken restaurant and had a good time, until my nephew got cranky because he couldn't go miniature golfing.

Yesterday I got to hang out with my best friend Michelle whom I don't get to see as often as I'd like.  We live close to an hour apart, which isn't too terrible, but it does hamper getting together at times.  We spent the day walking around Lititz, which is a really beautiful area.  It's got loads of old historic buildings along the streets and also a bunch of sweet little boutiques and shops.

1-2. I am in love with last Sunday's 1930s inspired outfit.
3-4. Another photoshoot at the train tracks.  This is becoming a regular spot for me.

5. Last week's Instagram post.
6-7. Outfit for running errands.
8. Photoshoot by the cherry blossoms again.

9. Tested out my flapper outfit to go see The Great Gatsby.
10. A close up of my beautiful 1920s cloche hat.
11. 1920s shoes. I want them all!
12. A gorgeous couple from the 20s.

13. A sweet shot of my sweet Smudger.
14. Hmm...which to wear when I go see Star Trek Into Darkness...
15. Benedict Cumberbatch was on a fair amount of talk shows!
16. Carey Mulligan was this week's Style Crush.

17. Shared this blog post on Instagram.
18. My great-grandparents in March of 1920.
19. My great-grandmother on the far right in the 1920s.
20. Shared this post on Instagram.

21. There's just something tasty about British villains.
22. I cannot wait to see (Benedict in) Star Trek Into Darkness.
23-24. I couldn't pass up the photo-op by this caboose built in 1942.

25. I should have bought these cute cat-eye glasses.
26-27. The bedroom display at The Curiosity Shoppe is incredible.
28. Michelle and I couldn't pass up the chance to pose in these extravagant vintage hats.

29. We should have been hat models.
30. Oh no! The Enterprise is crashing!

It was really going into the different shops and looking at all the gorgeous vintage items (and lusting over a lot of them!).  We also tried on glasses and extravagant hats.  We laughed over some ridiculous 1970s clothing including some pretty out there jumpsuits.  Next time I said we will have to try on the craziest outfits we can find and take photos like we did with the hats.

My favourite store we went into by far was The Curiosity Shoppe.  It's loaded with lovely vintage items everywhere.  They've even named the shop's pet birds Fred and Ginger!  This is definitely my type of store.  The owner even told me about some future events because she knows from the last time I was in there (and from my outfit yesterday) that I'm very much into the past.  I hope I'll get to go to the one event in June she mentioned that will have swing dancing and whatnot.  It's only a few days after I am scheduled to get my wisdom teeth out so it will have to depend on how I'm feeling and what the swelling situation is at that time.

How was your weekend?  Did you get to do anything fun?


  1. It looks like you had such a lovely week! I love your instagram pictures, they're always so good!
    Oh and The Curiosity Shoppe sounds a lot like a shop we visited once; they had four parrots (or maybe five) in the window, and they all talked and chattered and it was great! I loved it.

    1. Aww thank you! I love seeing yours too. There are so many wonderful ladies I love following on there.

      The Curiosity Shoppe is fabulous. Certainly a place that I could easily spend A LOT of money in. I'd like to just live there.