Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Style Crush: Zachary Quinto

Because I'm still in a Star Trek mood, and I'm getting to see the film again this Friday, this week's Style Crush is another cast member: the handsome Zachary Quinto.

I love the fact that Zachary is wearing a bow tie with his suit above.  I also had to use this photo because Benedict Cumberbatch is in it.  And even though Zach does look really good in the photo below, it definitely is a nice excuse to also look at Benedict (and Chris.)  See how I got around that?  It totally worked, right?

Zachary, of course, has a good street style too.  He wouldn't be a full rounded Style Crush if he just looked good at events where people most likely styled him.  I do think men have it a bit easier though.  They can just throw on some jeans and shirt and look good.

He sure does clean up nice though.  I love a man in a three piece suit.  It's just so classic and charming.

Zachary first came into my radar when he played Sylar in Heroes.  He's such a diverse actor that you actually believe he's a power stealing psycho, or a 1960s serial killer, or even a green-blooded half-Vulcan.


  1. When my husband and I were watching American Horror Story - Asylum he said "WELL WOULDN'T YOU JUST LOOOOOOOVVVEEE IF I DRESSED LIKE HIM" about Zachary. Haha. Actually, yes, I WOULD!

    1. Haha I would say the same thing! He looked so good in that show.