Friday, May 24, 2013

I Love Lucy

The weather this week has been so bizarre.  The beginning of the week started out really hot with highs around 86F or so.  Now today is only 54F.  That's a ridiculous 22 degree difference!  It goes from super hot with humidity to cool, windy, and rainy.  Suffice to say, this week has not been good for outfit shoots.

So let's instead focus on the nice weather that was present whilst these photos were taken.  This was obviously my I Love Lucy inspired outfit.  I bought the dress 8 years ago and am finally wearing it.  How bad is that?

I got this dress at a thrift shop in Kutztown called The Attic.  I saw it and immediately thought of Lucy and figured if all else failed, I could be Lucy for Halloween or something.  Now many years later, the poor thing is finally get its day in the sun.

I usually don't wear my hair up, but I thought it went with the whole look.  I wasn't going to just half-ass it; I needed to put all my effort into the look.  My grandma's hat was the perfect topper for the look.

 Outfit Details:
vintage dress, vintage shoes, vintage handbag, vintage gloves, belt {thrifted}
vintage stockings {flea market}
vintage hat {Grandma Ruth}
bracelet, earrings {Claire's}

In summary, I wish it were a bit warmer, but I'm thankful that I want be sweating to death and having my hair go all fluffy and crazy because of the humidity.  Now I just have to watch out for the rain making it do the same thing...  Such is life!

I hope you all have a lovely end to your week!

Want to see what photos didn't make the blog?  Head over to Facebook for a gander.


  1. Utterly beautiful combination of blue, white and black! Love it!!! <3