Friday, May 10, 2013

Sears and Stripes

As you may remember, this was my Easter outfit.  That should give you all a timeline for where I am with my backlogged photos.  I was doing well with catching up to them in the winter months, but now that it's warmer and I'm taking a lot more photos, I'm getting behind again.

If you can't tell from the grey clouds, it was threatening to rain at any moment.  Therefore, we did an impromptu photoshoot outside of the church parking lot.  So please excuse the random houses in the background.  We managed to beat the weather, excepting a few rain drops here and there.

I was so excited that 1) I figured out what this random object that belonged to my Grandma Charlotte was and 2) That I finally got to use it.  If you're wondering, I'm talking about the glove clip that is attached to my handbag.  I discovered it amongst her jewellery and couldn't figure it out.  Then whilst browsing on eBay I came upon one and the light bulb went off. 

Outfit Details:
vintage dress, vintage hat, vintage gloves, belt, shoes {thrifted}
handbag, jewellery {gifts}
backseam stockings {eBay}

I am in love with this vintage Sears, Roebuck, and Co. dress.  It was love at first sight when my eyes came upon it at the thrift shop.  I knew I had to have it.  And it fits like a glove.  This dress is going to get many, many wears from me.  This is already my second time wearing this dress on the blog.

Do you have any pieces of clothing that you've fallen in love with immediately?

Want to see what photos didn't make the blog?  Head over to Facebook for a gander.


  1. That dress is SO pretty! I love it so much! I'm wearing a dress today that I fell in love with at first sight (didn't even try it on; it's vintage and was only a dollar. I just grabbed it and ran. ;) ) but I think I need to do some very slight alterations to the bodice and sleeves to make it more wearable. It's just a bit too saggy right now.

    1. That's the only problem with vintage pieces sometimes. A few of the ones I have are too big, so I just belt them and that solves the problem mostly. What does your dress look like?