Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Memories

This past weekend was a long weekend for Memorial Day on Monday.  I stayed rather busy but it was good.  On Saturday I watched my nephew.  We played his Wii a bit (with him mostly beating me, at the age of 6!) and even walked down to his local pizza place for lunch.

On Sunday, after church, a friend took me out shooting for the first time.  I got to shoot a couple rifles and a few handguns as well.  It was really fun and I hope I get to go again sometime.  I especially liked shooting the bigger guns since I was much better at them.

On Memorial Day, my mum and I went out and got some flowers for my garden bed.  We got all sorts of lovelies and spent some time planting them.  Afterwards we headed to her house and my stepdad fired up the grill for a yummy cookout.

In the evening, we sat outside by the fire pit and roasted marshmallows for smores.  That was my favourite part.  I hadn't had a smore in the longest time and it was so tasty.  I cannot wait to make some more.

The temperature is really starting to heat up and I've now had to turn on my window AC unit for the first time today.  I guess summer is starting to make itself known a bit.

Outfit Details:
vintage skirt, vintage hat, top, belt {thrifted}
vintage jewellery {Grandmas Ruth and Charlotte}
wedges {eBay}

All this week it's supposed to be really hot and some days reaching past 90F.  So suffice to say I most likely won't be venturing to take outfit photos.  I don't feel like having melting makeup and 80s hair band fluffy hair from the heat and humidity.  Thankfully, I've got a little backlog of photos to post for when I can't make it out.

What do you do when the weather gets in the way?

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