Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

Another week has passed.  This week was a week for rekindling old friendships.  On Monday I met up with my friend Nikkoel who I hadn't seen since graduation in 2004.  We did a Great Gatsby photoshoot before we went and saw the film.  It was really a lot of fun teaming up with someone to take photos.

Wednesday night I got to see my friend Amanda who I know from beauty school and working at the same salon together.  We met up in Lebanon to see Star Trek Into Darkness.  The neat thing was that the cinema played the first Star Trek film beforehand to really get us in the mood for the new one.  I must just say that it was phenomenal and it was really nice seeing Benedict Cumberbatch in 3D and on that big of a screen.

 1. My finger waves turned out great just in time for Gatsby.
2. My mum and I when I was a wee lass.
3. Swooning over RDJ.
4. Last week's Instagram post.

 5-6. All dolled up for The Great Gatsby.
7. Nikkoel and I after seeing The Great Gatsby.
8. Woohoo!

9. Testing costumes for Star Trek Into Darkness.
10. Finally edited Gatsby photoshoot pictures.
11. Zoe Saldana was this week's Style Crush.
12. The final outfit for Star Trek.

13. Oh yes, that's a phaser.
14. The glorious Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness.
15. I wore a nightgown as a dress on Thursday.
16. The goodies I won in Nora's giveaway arrived!

17-18. Incredible deadstock vintage dresses my mum told me about.
19-20.Very springy in a lilac dress on Friday.

21-24. Some photos from the Gatsby shoot. The rest can be seen here.

25. Devoured (hehe) the first season of UK's Being Human. Can't wait to watch the rest.
26. Found this beautiful piece on Craig's List.
27. Welcome home, baby.

Yesterday I headed over to my mum's house to restore an old 1950s Formica table that she picked up for free on the side of the road.  I sanded the chipped paint off the legs and painted them a glossy black.  The chrome and top were in pretty good condition and just needed a bit of cleaning.  The table is going to serve as my new sewing station.

I also picked up a beautiful Waterfall wardrobe that I found on Craig's List.  I've wanted a matching one for my bedroom set for quite awhile.  After my current wardrobe's rod broke, I decided it was time to seriously into a replacement.  And voila!  A couple days after searching, I found a lovely one that nearly matches my current set perfectly.

Today was the car show which was a bit of an anti-climax.  The overcast clouds and on and off misting rain kept most of the really pretty vintage cars at home.  I was a bit disappointed because I really wanted to take outfit photos by them.  There was one nice Ford from 1940 that I got my photo with so that's good at least.

How was your weekend?

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