Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

Since I didn't get a chance to prep the photos for this post beforehand, like I usually do, I am going to skip over the usual blurb about what happened to me this week and just let the pictures do the talking.

1-2. Last Sunday's outfit.
3. A gorgeous 1920s lady.
4. Shared this blog post on Instagram.

5. Practiced finger waves for seeing The Great Gatsby.
6. The results.
7. My first attempt at finger waves a few months back.
8. To die for vintage shoes.

9. Wednesday's outfit.
10. Another attempt at finger waves.
11. Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald.
12. Andrew Garfield was this week's Style Crush.

13. Such a sweet photo of Tom Hiddleston and a fan.
14. Thursday's outfit.
15. Details of the hair piece and lace on the dress.
16. The Battle at Hogwarts anniversary.

17. Cherry blossoms and sunshine.
18-19. Pink dress and cherry blossoms.
20. Friday's outfit.

21. Repeating last Saturday's top. I couldn't help it, it's too lovely.
22. Flapper dress that I made.
23. And the dress on.
24. Dreamed of Chris Hemsworth rescuing me on a motorcycle from a kidnapper.

25. That's right.  May 4th = May the Fourth Be With You.
26-27. Yesterday's outfit.
28. I have a thing for taking photos by flowering trees.

29. Relaxed in the park and read Gatsby.
30. Saturday night = 1920s fashion books and a Mae West film.

I am tired and off to bed.  I hope you all had a beautiful weekend.

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