Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

Thank you to all my lovely friends on Instagram for the sweetest birthday wishes!  I truly had a wonderful day.  I got some lovely gifts including a huge amount of vintage cookbooks, vintage scarves, a new (to me, but major step up from what I currently use) camera, and a trip, among other great presents.  I finally saw Warm Bodies after much waiting and anticipation.  It lived up to my expectations and was equally as good as the novel.

I should hopefully get some actual outfit posts up coming into this new week.  It just seems to be when it rains, it pours, as the old saying goes.  On top of the things and stuff (couldn't help myself, fellow TWD fans will know what I mean) I'm currently dealing with, now my car is acting up even more so than normal.  The check engine light has been on since last inspection, then out of nowhere the airbag light came on.

Now, this week my battery is giving me issues.  It has been very cold here lately and there were some days where it just sat with no use and it wouldn't start.  I got it jumped by a neighbour who noticed the battery had some corrosion on it.  I get in to go to the library yesterday to pick up a Norman Reedus film they have on hold and of course it wouldn't start again.  So my step-dad came over, cleaned the corrosion off the battery, and gave me another jump.  Let's hope the cleaning did the trick and I won't have ay more problems because God knows I can't afford to get a new battery right now.

1. A vintage birthday image.
2. My 2nd birthday.
3-4. What I wore on my birthday last Sunday.

5. Vintage emerald and diamond ring + Warm Bodies= happy birthday girl.
6.  Red velvet with cream cheese icing birthday cake.
7. Thank you all!
8. Oh, yes.

9. Smudger playing Pretty Pretty Princess with the girls.
10. Oh, Daryl...
11. This was me after he returned to Team Prison.
12. Goofing off with vintage glasses at a vintage store.

13. Pretty new lippy my dad bought me as a gift.
14. Finally reading the Walking Dead.  I've read the first 9 issues or so already, but here we go again.
15. Fixing y hair in the mirror of a WWII Jeep.
16. Gorgeous Home Comfort ranges from the late 1800s.

17. 1930, 1932, and 1933 model Home Comfort ranges.
18. Norman Reedus was on Friday's E!News.  Lovely surprise!
19. Glamour shot and close up.
20. Good hair Saturday plus my pretty lippy.

 21. Wishing for Spring. My trip to Castle Tucker in Wiscasset, Maine last year.
22. WWII Weekend, 2011. Apparently the soldiers thought I'd look good with a gun. Thus flocked lots of people with their cameras.

As if you won't be able to tell from above, I am really feeling the return of The Walking Dead.  The episodes have been soooo good thus far and I am quite pumped for tonight's new episode.  The Oscars?  Oh yeah...  Well I suppose I shall record the Oscars and watch The Walking Dead live.  What's a girl to do?  I can't willingly not watch Daryl Dixon when he's on.  It's no wonder I had a walker nightmare Friday night.  Most of you wouldn't think too much on that, but I have a very good imagination.  I seem to have the most realistic, horrifying zombie nightmares.  Does that stop me from reading the comic, fanfiction, or watching the programme?  Of course not.  But I'm not exaggerating when it's comes to how scary the dreams can be.  I usually wake up in a sweat and have trouble falling asleep again.

Are there any things that cause you nightmares, but you can't separate yourself from it?

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