Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

It's my birthday!!!  Today!  Right now!  Today I turn 27...Yikes!  I'm the same age as my mum when she had me.  By the time she was this age she had three children.  I feel so behind.  Though things nowadays are a little different and there isn't as much pressure to get married and have children straight away.

But now that I am getting into my late 20s (geez), it really starts to get me thinking about the future and really paving the path for the things I want out of life.  I'm tired of going from job to job and would really like to find a career.  I have no idea what that is though.  Definitely something where I could dress up and be creative.  It also gets me thinking about how much I'd really like to meet a good man so I can take those steps towards settling down.  I don't have to get married and start popping out babies quite yet, but I'd at least like to be on my way towards that, even if it's a few years off.

1. Mmm, Daryl...
2. A great fashion book by the stylist of Mad Men.
3. Those arms... *swoon*
4. Playing with a new app.  This look is rather true now.

5. Entered a giveaway to win Julianne Hough's new shoe line.
6. Made a (at the time) truer to form comic self.
7. Shared this post on Instagram.
8. Gave myself glitzy nails.

9. Loved this photo from this post too much to not share it.
10. A stack of Jean Harlow films from the library.
11. Shared this post about Chuck from Pushing Daisies on Instagram.
12. A vintage Valentine.

13-14. Got gussied up for myself on Valentine's Day.
15. Vintage 1932 La Belle Chocolatier cookbook.
16. The recipe a used, a little well loved.

17. The finished result, which I then gave to my mum.
18. Haha, love this!
19. Oh The Notebook...I had to watch this for Valentine's Day.
20. Oh man, look at all that hair I chopped off!

21. My new haircut, au natural.
22. All styled up.
23. Ginger Rogers looks so stunning here.
24. What I wore thrifting yesterday.

25. A close up of my 1930s fur trimmed jacket and vintage hat.
26-27. Made out like a bandit at the thrift shop.
28. Throwback of me in a bonnet with my mum.

29. Vintage pink and cream Elton's square hatbox.
30. Vintage tan snap wrist opera gloves.
31. Vintage Miss Liberte hatbox.
32. Vintage rabbit fur coat.

33. Vintage dressing table powder dish.
34. Vintage floral tapestry bag and vintage gloves with blue knit trim.
35. Vintage t-strap heels.
36. Faux fur bolero.

37. Charcoal grey faux fur coat.
38. Vintage wooden hangers and vintage copies of Sherlock Holmes, The Hobbit, and Gone With the Wind.
39. A stack of vintage vinyls.
40. Vintage silver serving spoon, 1950s cookbook, and vintage Alka-Seltzer song book.

Yesterday my mum took me thrifting as part of a birthday present.  She could have spent that money to get another gift for me, but she knew how much I enjoyed going thrifting.  As you can see above, I made out like a bandit.  I didn't get as much clothing as I would have liked, but I did find some really amazing pieces.

Today my mum is taking me to go see Warm Bodies.  I am excited to finally go see it after reading the book and seeing constant advertisements for it.  We will then divulge in some yummy Pizza Hut pizza and of course my favourite, their breadsticks with extra seasoning.  Yum!  I'm starting to feel really sick so I hope it goes away so I can enjoy today.

Then tomorrow my dad is taking me out to dinner, so I'll get two treats two days in a row.  It will also be nice because I hardly ever see him.  Maybe twice a year.  And in that time we don't really get much quality time together so it will be nice to see him.  The last time I did something that was just the two of us was at least two years ago.  Ever since my parents got divorced and then he remarried, our relationship just started to suffer.  I wanted to have a closer bond with him, but he's not particularly the most touchy-feely type of person, so it's hard that I don't have the type of relationship with him that I'd like.  It makes me all the more grateful for how close I am to my mum.

But enough about that drama!  It's my birthday and it will be a good day.  I'm off to go see a sexy zombie Nicholas Hoult and eat some yummy, greasy food, if I can stomach it.  I hope you all had a grand weekend!  And please cross your fingers for me that I may start to feel better so I can enjoy the day.