Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Style Crush: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Here is this week's style crush, and first man that made it in this feature: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  This man is one of my favourites.  He is the perfect combination of adorable and sexy.  And his style is flawless.  Joe can wear a suit like nobody's business.  He makes it an art form.  His suits never fail to be tailored flawlessly.  I'd like to think that he ups the ante for men out there, showing you can still dress well.  It doesn't hurt that he has a certain vintage flavour to his style, which I adore.  Don't you think we'd look good together...?

I've had a crush on Joe ever since he was on 3rd Rock From the Sun.  He had his really long hair back then.  Looking back at it, I'm glad his hair is shorter now.  Really though, he can pull off several different hairstyles.  I especially love the shaggy look he had in (500) Days of Summer or his most common style, how he had it in Inception and whatnot.  I loved his character in (500) Days, just so sweet and adorable.  I would love to find a man like that.

This man is so adorable I can't stand it!  Look at that face above!  I just want to cuddle him.  I know a lot of these photos are from photo shoots where they style him.  But he also looks good on his own.  See below as proof.  He's just in a simple button-down, trousers, and a pair of Chucks and he looks so handsome.

It gives me reason to believe, that even though he is always seen in this dapper 1960s style look, that it must be somewhat his own personal taste since he chooses to dress this way to premieres and awards shows.  He could very well have a stylist pull things for him, as many celebrities do, but they still have a say in what they wear.  I adore this three-piece suit above.  I do have a certain weakness for waistcoats that I won't pretend to hide.  And the tailoring on his suits is flawless and so attractive.

Just look at the way this suit below fits him!  Gosh he looks so handsome.  It's enough to make a girl swoon...and that's even without him showing those dimples!  Plus I also adore his choice in eyewear.  The vintage style frames just compliment his style perfectly.

So here it is, my first male Style Crush...and crush in general.  Golly gee, Joe sure is an all around dream guy for me.  He's sweet, handsome, adorable, impeccable fashion sense, not to mention how talented he is as an actor, singer, and dance.  Hello Oscars!  Has anyone see him do "Make 'Em Laugh" on Saturday Night Live?  Such an incredible performance.  I tried finding the video on YouTube to share with you, but could not find it.  So if you get the opportunity to see him when he hosted SNL, watch it.

What do you think of my choice as first male on Style Crush?  Do you like a man who can wear a suit really well?  Or do you prefer your men in a more laid back style?

Did you know...?  Joe and I share the same birthday, 17 February.


  1. I love Joseph Gordon Levitt too! I found the video, it's on kind of a strange website but it's the only one I could find that hadn't been taken down by NBC.

    1. That's so swell! I can't believe you found the video. Thanks so much for sharing it! I just watched it. He is so charming.

  2. He was good in Dark Knight Rises, too.

    1. He was really good in that! I hope they do something with him as Robin.