Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

Normally most of the time I usually want to jump back in time into the 1940s.  But as of late, I've been a bit more inclined to indulge a bit farther.  I've just finished reading Austenland by Shannon Hale and am nearly done with Midnight in Austenland.  I've always been a big Austen fan, so reading these stories about women who take a holiday in England and immerse themselves in the world of Austen.  They wear the clothing (down to the chemise, bloomers, and corset), (try) to speak the language, and flirt with gorgeous male actors dressed in breeches that are there as a romantic diversion.  I know I wouldn't mind a little Mr. Darcy, Colonel Brandon, or Mr. Knightley fantasy.  How about you ladies?

1. My dear baby taking a wee nap.
2. A groovy shot from a 1968 Scrabble game.
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4. Put this post up on Instagram.

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6. Watched Midnight in Paris for the first time...loved it.
7. My backdrop on my iPhone.
8. Exactly.

9. My Titanic cross-stitch is nigh done.
10. There's a random TARDIS in the background of a morning news program (Need I say, I live in the States).
11. Not too pleased with this American Idol contestant complaining about not playing with a band when he did on The Glee Project.
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14. So true...

I've also felt a recent attachment towards the Downton Abbey era also.  I love the 1940s-1950s, but there's something even more glamorous about the years preceding those.  Women had to change their clothing multiple times of the day.  Everyone dressed for dinner.  I just love watching Downton and pretending that I could be one of the Ladies Crawley.  I must admit that I'm a few episodes behind, so no spoilers!

What is your normal era that you wish you could transport back to?  Do you have any other time periods you'd like to visit if you could?

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