Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

I hope your weekend has been going well thus far.  Yesterday I watched my nephew for pretty much the whole day so I spent the evening relaxing on the couch and catching up with my dear old friend, the DVR.  Other than that, my weekend has thankfully been fairly uneventful.  Because, lately for me, eventful things are always turning out to be bad.

1. Sharing my picks for best dressed ladies at the SAGs.
2. Mae got it right: yolo.
3. Sharing my picks for best dressed men at the SAGs.
4. First edition of Les Misérables that belonged to my grandmother.

5. The first page of Les Misérables.
6. Nicholas Hoult on E! News.
7. Nick on the Graham Norton Show with Denzel Washington.
8. The first page of Warm Bodies.

 9. Photoshoot from this week.
10. I haven't cried during a movie this much since The Notebook.
11. A still from The Lost Valentine.  Vintage lovers see this!
12. Informing Instagram of this post.

 12. Sharing this post with friends on Instagram.
13. Had a dream about Nicholas Hoult as a zombie.
14. Sharing this post on Instagram.
15. Cute owl garden statues in my JoAnn circular.

 16. Posted this in honor of Clark Gable's birthday.
17. Gas masks at a zombie survival store near me.

I'm still uncertain if I will tune into the Super Bowl tonight.  I'm sure I will at least for a wee bit.  And I, like most people, will try to catch some of the commercials.  Any big plans for the game tonight?

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