Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Week According to Instagram

I'm still getting over being sick.  It's going on two weeks now.  Most definitely no fun.  They did an x-ray on Friday to rule out pneumonia, so hopefully I'll know something at the beginning of the week.

Yesterday was a bit exhausting.  I overdid it by cutting Mum's hair and taking photos.  I don't feel too bad as long as I pace myself.  But anytime I exert a bit too much energy, I just am completely wiped out.  That's what makes working so difficult since I'm constantly on my feet, running around.

Today was fun.  I got an abrupt call from my mum asking me to go to a flea market with her, my step-dad, nephew, and sister-in-law.  I found some amazingly unbelievable finds.  I knew there would be produce and used items but I wasn't expecting to find the great vintage items I did.  I got 12 pairs of vintage back seam stockings, an old mixer from the 1950's or so (I need to research it), an old WWII devotional book for the soldiers, and a cameo ring.

Afterwards, we had luncheon at a cute diner.  Then we went to the Humane Society Thrift Shop because my nephew needed a tie-dye shirt for school for tomorrow.  He didn't have any luck, but I made out like a bandit!  I got a blue velvet vintage hat with lovely red lace lining, a detachable fur collar, a tapestry handbag, two tapestry pieces of luggage, a looking glass that says "I didn't want to go out but my hair looked too good to stay home", and a vintage bullet bra.

Warning: A lot of the following photos are Downton Abbey themed.  I'm currently reading The World of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes.  If you're a fan of the show, I highly suggest giving it a look.  It's got such stunning photography from the series as well of old images of actual people from that time.  Not only does it give insight to how things are on the show, but it also gives details of how life was then.  It's really all so fascinating.

1. The adorable Sean Berdy from Switched at Birth.
2-4. Handmade gift tags.

5. & 6. The lovely Rita Hayworth.
7. Adorable Sean Berdy again.
8. Informing Instagram of this blog post.

9. William Mason.
10. Downton Abbey/Highclere Castle.
11. Doctor Who/Scooby Doo crossover.
12. In the news for the zombie walk from last year (I'm the bride).

13. A lovely lady lounging.
14. Robert and Cora Crawley.
15. The beautiful Sybil Crawley.
16. She reminds me of an old school Catherine Tate.

17. A call for me?
18. Branson waiting for his next drive.
19. Letting Instagram followers know about this blog post.
20. A lady's maid preparing hair for her mistress.

21. Cora and two of her lovely daughters.
22. William standing at attention.
23. The 's-bend' corset.
24. The lovely ladies Crawley.

25. Cora enjoying a garden tea party.
26. An old recruitment ad for nurses from WWI.
27. Downton Abbey/Highclere Castle.
28. An old ad for a lovely range.

29. Matthew and Mary.
30. Future photoshoot for the blog.
31. Lunch at this cute diner with the family.
32. Thrifting finds!  Vintage hat and fur collar.

33. Vintage tapestry handbag.
34. Vintage bullet bra and a cute looking glass.
35. 12 pairs of vintage back seam stockings.
36. Strength for Service devotional book from WWII, 1942.

37. Vintage cameo ring from the flea market.
38. Letting Instagram followers know about this blog post.
39. Wow over 100 followers!  Thanks to everyone who enjoys the same things as I.
40. I love freshly curled hair!

After I got home from the flea market and thrifting, I really needed to rest.  I exerted too much energy for still recovering from the infection.  I wouldn't trade it for the world though.  It was so much craic to spend time with my family and I love thrifting!  I rested and perused the internet for a bit and then baked some cute pumpkin shaped cookies to take work tomorrow.  I'll show you in next Sunday's post.  How was your weekend?


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