Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nature Is A Many Splendored Thing

It seems like the heat is finally starting to break here.  While I am relieved, I also know I am going to miss the warmer weather once the novelty of the changing season wears off.  Each new season I am always excited for the specific characteristics it brings.

Autumn I am excited for the beautiful changing colours of the leaves and the nice brisk days.  I love being able to layer and pull out my jumpers.  When Winter comes, I am always yearning for the first snow fall.  I get to bring out my stockings and gloves.  I have so many vintage hats that I can't wait to wear when the season arrives.  Then comes Spring.  I am so over the cold of winter by this point.  It's thrilling to see the new life be breathed into the once dead landscape.  Flowers start to bloom and I can stop wearing so many layers.  Then at last comes Summer when I love to wear cute sun dresses and skirt and top combos.

There's so much to love about each season.  I am so thankful that I live in an area where I get to see it happen.  As much as I dislike living where I do sometimes, I am grateful that it's rural enough to be able to enjoy such a thing as nature and its many wonders.

Outfit Details:
vintage skirt, blouse, belt, vintage earrings {thrifted}
shoes {dsw}
Claddagh ring {gifted}
By the Sea Lighthouse Necklace, Masquerade Pearl bracelet {Mess of a Dreamer Design}

 This skirt is a great transition piece for me.  It's a great floral skirt that I can wear during the Spring and Summer.  But it's also made of heavy enough fabric that I can wear it during the Autumn and Winter with a pair of stockings.  I also can't wait to whip out all of my woolen pencil skirts that I've thrifted over the months.  They are hanging so lonely in my closet, just begging to be worn when the weather permits.

Do you try to buy pieces that you can transition from season to season?  If so, what sort of items do you go for?

Want to see what photos didn't make it on the blog?  Head over to Facebook for a peek.

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