Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chanelling Joan Holloway

I felt very 1960's in this outfit, so I went all out by using my vintage 1960's Polaroid camera as a prop.  My mum purchased it for me at a yard sale as a surprise.  I have no idea if it works.  I'd love to find some old film and test it out.  That would be really swell if it was still in working order.

The day these photos were taken, my mum and I were going on a sort of scavenger hunt to look for a costume to rent for the Renaissance Faire.  We checked out a few different locations and I found one that I liked a lot to reserve.  Even better then, my mum was at our local Salvation Army the one day and found a perfect Renaissance gown in the costumes section there.  I paid half the price I would have to rent one, plus I'll get to have it to wear again.


Outfit Details:
dress, belt, earrings {thrifted}
vintage 1960's Polaroid camera {yard sale}
vintage handbag, locket {from my grandmothers}
wedge shoes {eBay}
bracelet {Avon, gifted}

I felt very Mad Men in this.  I was going to do my hair up like Joan does, but I'm not very practiced in the beehive.  So instead, I just opted for a messy/cascading curls sort of 'do.  I've recently just started branching out into the 1960s more so.  I've mainly focused my wardrobe on the 1940s and 1950s.  I'd like to definitely try to go a little earlier and get some 1920s and 1930s pieces.  I have a lovely 1920s hat, but it's too snug on my head, so it's just a decorative piece.  I also have a darling little beaded 1920s clutch, but I don't use that too often either.  I'd really love to get some articles of clothing from those decades to add to my growing collection.

P.S. Gingers can wear ginger!

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